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Does anyone know if this laptop is any good for the price?

My initial look on everything makes it seem like a pretty good deal but I am having issues finding many reviews on this specific one.
This laptop will run WoW on probably high setting around 30-50fps so its a good laptop with a good graphics card, the only downside I see from it is it running Windows 8 and I personally have never used it but I don't think it is that great of a OS.

Bottom line i would get this also with how cheap it is, but I am a desktop kinda guy :)
Oh I have a great desktop, that Chelsi actually built for me back in October. But I need a laptop for school and my current one has about an inch-2 inch wide white line that apparently would cost around 200 dollars to replace. Since the laptop is about 2 and a half years old I figured it may be better just to get a new one.

Everything I found on the laptop I linked looked great and I couldn't find many downsides other than windows 8 which I am open to at least try it. The fact that its only essentially 450 more when comparing to getting my screen fixed and then having 2 laptops and one having a white line.

I am just trying to find reasons why I shouldn't get it essentially.

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