Cheap laptop that will run WoW.

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Ok so I got a new job at my school as a tech and its pretty cool. But, for long periods of time all I do is sit in front of a computer and browse the web which gets pretty boring.

I wanted to know if any of you guys had some suggestions for a cheap laptop that will run WoW.

All I would do reall is work on professions and maybe a dungeon or two here an there. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should get?

My budget is really low. I don't want to spend more than $500 but really I'm aiming for somthing around $400.

I really just need a wow box. lol
Does this look like it will run wow?

Again, I don't need it for raiding or even dungeons for that matter. I just want to work on professions, talk in gchat, and work the AH.

I have a desktop at home that I use for everything else.
You can find new/faster laptops for around that price that have better integrated graphics like the Intel HD(Sandy/Ivy Bridge) and AMD Radeon series.

Here's one for example:
Swet that looks like a good buy. Might pick that one up actually. Thank you!
An I3 is a great cpu but the HD3000 graphics aren't going to give you a good experience in WoW. You need an AMD A8-4500 laptop for cheap.

As of 1am CST 2/7/13, ignore the first Dell because it's the previous gen cpu, the Samsung is actually $450 at 'egg, but look at the Acer from Tigerdirect for $399.

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