The 25 man Paladin Raid [H]

Do you have a level 90 paladin Horde alt that's just collecting dust? Are you living an unfulfilled life? Seeking out a unique way to raid?

I am searching for about 20 more brave paladins that would like to take up the challenge of raiding in a PURE PALADIN 25 man raiding group. Why? To try something new and extreme, and to see how far it can go.

- You don't have to leave, or join a guild
- If gear is a problem we can arrange heroic/LFR runs (if we fill our 25man)
- If interested just post your main spec, and an off spec you are willing to try, as well as date you'd prefer to raid.
- Unsure of how to maximize your spec? We'll train you and show you the ropes
- Any specific questions just message me in game, or drop a mail.

We'll start with Mogu-shan Vaults and see how it goes.

If not enough people are interested or believe this is just too retarded, then that's fine. I just wanted to see 25 Light's Hammers smacking a boss fight for tons of damage and healing.

Happy raiding everyone.
Love the idea, but personally, I think a 10-man is a little more realistic.
Only if they could get the timing right to BOP everyone at the same time...Remember back when my Pally was a human before he ate some tainted Chik'fli'A and became a cow...we would all look for someone to BOP to save us the cost of repairs.

Sounds interesting and wish you luck with the 25 man.

On a side note there is a all Gnome Guild that did an all Gnome Raid on LK or DS if I recall...have to search out that forum post...
You guys make it seem like it'd be impossible. I'm not thinking of any fights that it wouldnt be possible for. for lei shi we have holy hammer, if we get chained on dogs we bubble and get to eachother, Tsulong would be easy considering Hpallies have the strongest single target heals in game, only fight i can see a possible problem is maybe Garalon with the rets having to dps the body and accidently stepping in the crush.
02/05/2013 05:42 PMPosted by Marlucill
You guys make it seem like it'd be impossible. I'm not thinking of any fights that it wouldnt be possible for.

I can think of one. It's called "LFG on Ravenholdt".

This is a low-med population realm, which means that finding 25 paladins who are not already committed to the current tier of raiding (but who are nevertheless capable of doing the current tier of raiding) is going to take some mad social skills.

It maaay be possible as Horde because your side's pop is so much higher, but it sure as hell wouldn't happen on the Alliance side.

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