Today's PTR Notes, Disc Buff?

Was reading over the notes on MMO-Champion. I am still new to disc healing, only doing it for 2s the last 2-3 weeks. But from what I was reading was almost all the rotational healing of disc buffed as well as pw:s?

Copied from mmo:

Flash Heal Heals a friendly target for [ 11,936 + 114.94% [ 13,641 + 131.4% of Spell Power ]. 5.9% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. 1.5 sec cast.

Power Word: Shield (Discipline) Draws on the soul of the friendly target to shield them, absorbing [ 321.1% of Spell Power + 33,338 ] damage. [ 280.7% of Spell Power + 29,142 ] damage.

Evangelism (Discipline) Evangelism Increases the damage AND HEALING done by your Penance, Smite, and Holy Fire spells by 4% and reduces the mana cost of those spells by 6%.

Spiritual Healing Increases the healing done by your Flash Heal and Binding Heal by 43%. Priest - Holy & Discipline Spec. Flash Heal, Binding Heal, Renew, and Prayer of Mending by 25%. Priest - Holy & Discipline Spec.

Maybe I totally read that wrong, just curious. Thanks!
Just copying it over from the official ptr notes now posted on the main site.

Spiritual Healing is a new passive ability obtained by Discipline and Holy Priests at level 10. This ability increases the amount of healing done by Flash Heal, Binding Heal, Renew, and Prayer of Mending by 25%. The amount of healing done by those four spells have been reduced by 20%. For Holy and Discipline Priests, there is no change to the amount of healing done by those four spells.

Evangelism's stacking effect now also increases the healing of Penance.

Spirit Shell can no longer be dispelled.
Evangelism will now make penance heal for more when used on a friendly target, not just do more damage.

They are nerfing the base value of a bunch of heals and then buffing them for disc / holy only (so it's a nerf to shadow; no change for disc/holy).

I have no idea what is up with the new PW:S tooltips that keep appearing, but last time the tooltip change was not accompanied by a change to the actual absorb value. Until I'm able to confirm otherwise I'm assuming this is just a datamining error.
02/05/2013 11:26 AMPosted by Loratabb
I wonder if evangelism change is gonna stack or if its gonna be a set amount. cause a 20% healing buff and a 30% mana reduction would kinda be OP.

I'm reading it as offensive penance is unchanged, defensive penance is 20% better.
When the PTR comes back up I can at least get a chance to take a look at the differences from yesterday. Only annoying part to me about evangelism is actually taking the time to get to 5 stacks and maintain it via damage.

If they would make 50% of pvp effect the damage of holy spells in arena/rbg and not have it increase the attonement heal bouncing back off of it, it might be worthwhile to spirit shell and build stacks up.

But (and trust me, im new to disc and not very good at all) it just seems impossible to get 5 stacks when disc priest = trained into ground target.
02/05/2013 11:26 AMPosted by Loratabb
The new PW:S changes look interesting. The not mentioning anything about mastery kinda has me worried but the numbers displayed are actually a buff for me. With my 22k sp my bubbles would be 91k instead of my current 81k. but i guess scaling matters so it could be a nerf for some.

There have been no changes to PW:S. It's still just a tooltip error.
To the OP: for future reference...when mmo champion displays spell changes, they put the old version in red and the new in green. So what you thought were buffs would have actually been nerfs, if they weren't just tooltip corrections.
Yeah I know about the green/red colors and what they are referencing. I was just too lazy to do much besides straight copy and paste.
Hi guys, I think the changes are huge and a big buff to disc priests and even holy priests. The phantasm seems like a nerf, but is actually a buff considering a few hidden changes not mentioned in the notes. The healing buffs can be stacked to give huge penance heals, and much more. A lot of talk about actually so I just started my own blog:

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