Fire and Brimstone nerf...Really?

I don't even understand why. 15 down to 10 Yards?

This is going to hurt Destro in both PvP and PvE, as well as make Mannaroth's Fury an even weaker option compared to KJC.

Please revert this nerf immediately.
this nerf really makes no sense at all

Were we doing too much AOE damage or something?

honestly WTH is going on over there?
Blizz is more obsessed with balancing talents than they are interested in balancing specs/classes overall.

To me this nerf tells me that Blizz wants more Destro warlocks to take MF as their lvl 90 tallent.

They've said many times that they don't want talents to feel "required" to play a certain spec. Pretty much KJC is required for Destro, right? So now they make MF more appealing.

Complete crap though, feel sorry for every destro warlock. This stupid tier balancing crap needs to stop.
Completely unbelievable.

Fire & Brimstone in its current form really isn't that strong,
and is what makes Destro ae anything near worthwhile.

I really don't get it.

Is this class despised by the devs or something?

Warriors run around 3-shotting people for years, but if Warlocks
appear remotely exceptional in any regard the nerfbat swings down
really hard and really fast.
Its a pretty minor nerf by itself, I mean Rain of Fire is only an 8 yard radius and its just fine as is. Its only when you look at it when combined with MF (25 yards) that it becomes significant.

Honestly, I think its needed, I shouldn't be able to hit the strengths with my F&B incinerates while aoeing the rages on heroic will. Really guys, 75 yards is way too much.
02/05/2013 03:25 PMPosted by Rauhm
I was wondering if I'd see one of the self hating "please nerf my class/spec" guys when I clicked this thread. Love it.

Self hating? No, I just don't see it really affecting me much at all. 10 yards is more than enough in 90% of all AE situations.

Edit: I am honestly more concerned about MF not affecting Abyssal Summon when it does affect Infernal Summon.
I'm going to hold on to the assumption that they will be buffing incinerate, possibly in a way that is tied to number of embers. It's the only thing that made sense with the GoSac nerf and would also make sense with the FnB nerf (lots of embers plus spamming mass incins would be OP with a buff to incin).

It's either that or Destro just has to be sh!t for the devs to be happy, but I prefer to stay optimistic.
02/05/2013 04:34 PMPosted by Crocelle
Instead of just making pets synergize better with the spec
Feel free to suggest simple ways to have made that happen.

02/05/2013 04:34 PMPosted by Crocelle
Now they're nerfing another ability to make MF more appealing?
Where does it say this was to make MF more appealing?

02/05/2013 04:34 PMPosted by Crocelle
if we had more aoe abilities to use *coughcatacylsmcough
Cataclysm wasn't a DPS AoE ability.

Like I've said, buff to incin makes all these changes make sense. We'll see if it happens. Overreacting atm though.
Yeah......i dont understand blizz at all.

Its getting annoying when we get screwed while mages get the lube and get everything given back to them.

Calling it! Arc will still be top dog while afflic is nerfed in the name of balance.

NOT AT ALL TRUE. Sorry, but the team balancing the mages isn't anything special either. They didn't give scorch back to arcane, in fact, they took it away completely. Now only fire has scorch. It was just as random as the fire and brimstone change.

But yeah i im kinda confused as well over this... just seemed to come out of the blue :P. but idc that much, i dont destro anyways.
These was no need for this nerf, complete BS.
02/05/2013 04:51 PMPosted by Sweetñess
These was no need for this nerf, complete BS.
Unless a buff to incin was coming, then this nerf and the GoSac nerf make complete sense...

Some people just can't think ahead
02/05/2013 01:27 PMPosted by Drakmor
Were we doing too much AOE damage or something?

In RBGs, yes.
You think the quest should be roll over? I doubt they're impossible. People thought doing the Tarecgosa quest line was impossible as a lock too, but turns out it was just something you had to work for. God forbid you work hard.
02/05/2013 06:29 PMPosted by Psyops
t's not 75 yards presently, it's 68. It's not way too much, without Fire and Brimstone, Warlocks would be nearly lack-luster in RBGs. RBGs are our last real niche in PvP where we are REALLY strong, and I'd prefer Blizzard didn't completely destroy this.

Because 15*500%=/= 75 right? Wrong.

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