Pugging 1 DPS @ 6:30 Server - MSV/HoF

Hello Hyjal,

We've recently reformed our guild for a fresh start and are going to be short one DPS this evening for our raid. We'll be clearing MSV and, and time permitting, moving on to the first few bosses in HoF. We start at 18:30 PST / 21:30 EST

Looking to avoid spamming chat later on by posting this here now!

Our last raid stopped at 14/16 and has been clearing this content for some time - please know the fights, as we'll be looking to move through them as quickly as we can.

We would prefer a DPS Shaman (enhance preferred - ele is fine too), or a frost DK. If you are either of the above (or neither but would still like to come!), send a tell to me, Spartan, or Madcheddah, or post here and we'll follow up when we're online.

Thanks a lot! Look forward to meeting our new BFF tonight ./swoon
Are you guys a splinter group of Obscene? Just wondering, doing some research on WoWprogress is all.
About 7 of us here formed the core of the guild Obscene, but decided we would rather spend our energy moving forward in a different environment.

I'd rather not say much more than that here, out of respect for our now-former guild mates.

We all have heroic raiding backgrounds in various tiers and game expansions and are looking to get back on track in that direction!

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