Undead Hunters!

I want to see you. I'm thinking about a race change and I want to see how mail looks on yah bones.
You look sick lol
Undead do look awesome, I was thinking about race changing but I love my dance, mon

Ps I like your name Al
Undead shouldn't be hunters.
Well now you're just being rude
Here's the deal - we look amazing.
There has to be more of you... Where are you hiding?!
Get Mogit, roll a lvl 1 undead hunter. Look up how to work it if you can't find your way around it, but the add-on is amazing if you like to check out future transmogs for a race/class mix!
So you can basically test out transmog/armor? That's amazing. Lol thanks
Why hello there.
02/06/2013 02:12 PMPosted by Kathrian

You Undead have the oddest looking running animation. Its like someone filled your pants full of poop.

It's a corpse, what do you expect?

And i believe you are thinking of female humans.
Nice to see some of you! This race change is looking good...
I started life as undeade, but needed to make a name change so I thought why not try out a different race as well. All my original beta characters were undead....rogue, warrior, hunter, so I knew how it looked and I like the look for the most part. However, it can get frustrating to have all your armor looked like someone washed it in a machine full of razor blades. If it werent for that, undead would be the best model by far. Still I might change back again.

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