Moving here looking for 9pm pst raiders

Hi, work schedule changed so I am moving here to find raid times I can work with. Going to level an Ali for a change and I can't decide what to play, Priest, lock, Shammy...

Figured I would see if there are any late night guilds out there and what they are needing.
I know there is one for sure that plays your time you need . You might also consider oceanic realms as your play time you start is right at there prime time ..9 pm pst = 4 pm oceanic

Btw locks and shadow priests are always in high demand unless you are thinking of going heals then IMO sham ftw !

We are an Alliance guild on the server Lightbringer. We raid fridays and saturdays in the evening(8pm realm), so it should not get in the way of work/life. We need a tank and a healer. Although if you feel as though you are a skilled dps, we will look over all applicants. If you wanna talk more hit me up game zen#1446.
Please level a shadow priest! We have been looking for one for 4 months now with no luck. All Nighter raids from 9 pm to 12 midnight server on Tues/Thurs/Sun.

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