need insight on rotations! please help me!

k, so to start off, im not great at playing a hunter. i really enjoy the concept but coming from a priest to a hunter its just confusing for some reason,im a 90 BM hunter. im constantly out of focus.. my stampede aggro's (< i did check all pets.. growl is off on every pet individually) im really just looking for insight as to how to learn to play better, its beginning to get a little annoying. i play but i dont learn anything if you know what i mean? i just hit a bunch of crap and expect to get amazing dps lol, if you think you can help in any way with rotations/ CD's id greatly appreciate any isight thanks
Are your pets spec for ferocity? If they are tenacity, their thunderstomp might be pulling aggro.

Whenever you change spec or your pet's spec, you need to check for growl.
Having the stampede glyph is a life saver for this (assuming you don't need the other buffs).

Check the hunter sticky at the top of the forum. There is a rotation section and more detail about stampede.

Also post on your hunter so we can help you out better!
First, if you're "constantly out of focus" you are not Cobra Shotting enough. Watch Kill Command's cooldown. If you're not going to have 40 Focus by the time it comes back, factoring in what you'll spend on other abilities before and 4 Focus regen per second, Cobra Shot for the +18 Focus. You always, always want to make sure you can Kill Command on time, even though you'll use Kill Shot first when both are available at once. Also, if Serpent Sting is about to expire, Cobra Shot early enough to finish the Cobra Shot before SS wears off.

Otherwise, the priority list in the rotation section in Mesazu's post should tell you what button to hit. Just hit the highest ability on the list that's currently available.

Stampede aggroing shouldn't be a problem if it happens - the pets were only going to stay out for 20 seconds anyway, so who cares if they die a bit early?
That's why hunter's make lousy photographers...they're always out of focus.

I didn't have anything to add than that, the others have covered it.
A nice beginner addon called "JS Hunter bar" that puts a priorty bar on your screen. By default it's a bit small but you can resize it to make it really stand out. Pretty customizable and gets you in the ballpark of a good rotation/priority.
I had a lot of trouble with my dps when I first started to play back just before BC. I think I can help you.

First visit the website Hunters Union. You will find lots of advise there which is straight forward.

Second useful site is Icy-veins

Hunters are very sensitive stat wise and you will find information about these on the above sites.

Try a few different specialisations and find one you enjoy playing. Beast Master is a fun spec but Marksman and Survival are also awesome. There's so little difference in specialisations now if you enchant and gem and reforge correctly all do good dps. Hunters do have a lot of buttons to press and although ppl call us huntards it is a complex class to play. I have a priest, Druid, pally, warrior, dk and Mage so I have tried other classes. My hunter is my favourite.

Stick with it see how you go.

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