Glyphs for Holy Paladin

I am (finally) getting around to getting glyphs for this holy paladin - currently level 47 with no glyphs yet! I was looking at some of them and am concerned that glyphs that provide the most benefits, such as divine protection, also come with some detrimental effects. What are the best glyphs for my level and should they be replaced once I reach a higher level?
Depends what you are doing, really. I can't really speak on PVP, since I don't do it as Holy. Although, you'd probably would want to start with Blessed Life. Unless you're a shockadin, then grab DPS glyphs.

I think at your level (it's been a while) mana shouldn't be an issue. So regen glyphs are out until late game. You probably won't need survivability glyphs, unless you frequently get bad tanks. There's the glyph for Flash of Light, although, I think low levels heals are over-tuned. Protector of the Innocent might be a good all around choice.

Eh, the more I think it, it might not even matter what you pick at your level. If you aren't having any issues keeping people and yourself alive and your overall healing is way more than what's needed for your group, you could always pick up a few DPS glyphs and pewpew.

Things, of course, change as you advance in levels. There's also a sticky at the top of the page for Holy, you should take a look at it.
I see that sticky. It's a good guide. I want to heal both dungeon groups and battlegrounds.

I've only tried healing two groups recently. The first was a dungeon that was halfway done and needed a healer to replace one that left. The feral druid was trying to tank without being in bear form. He quickly died in the first fight as soon as I joined them, and the party wiped so I left, unsure of whether or not I could be a decent healer. I didn't want to give up on being a healer that easily so I qued for a second group and did much better. At one point I was not able to keep the tank alive, and then it was down to just one dps and me alive, with me going toe to toe with the boss. I had really high survivability.

So since I might be able to do this, I am going to invest some time and gold into this toon.

Thanks for the info.

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