Mental Atrophy LF raid members

Mental Atrophy is a recently formed casual guild that is currently looking for a healer and dps for our 10man team. We raid WED and THURS night at 8:30 - 11:30. We're currently are 6/6 in MSV, 1/6 HOF and would like dedicated members to fill our ranks.

As mentioned, we're in need of some healers and DPS for our raid team, which consists of 5 core raiders who have seen higher end content in the past, but our ranks are open to socials and folks who want to play casually. All we ask is that you have a basic knowledge of your class and a great attitude.

Pst myself, Lionheartex/Liondeathex, Ehren or Chaosbear in game for an invite.
Hi there.
Would like to express my interest in your guild and raid times.

-Previously raided hard core in WotLK, 16-20 hours a week, almost exclusively melee (rogue), took a break through Cata..
-Experience healing and tanking normal and hardmodes throughout WotLK, saw the end of Cata..
-Experienced Raid and Guild leader
-60-80FPS in raid, fast-reliable internet
-Vent and skype, working mic
-30 years old, mature, dedicated, resourceful, quick learner

Please get back to me so we can talk more. Thanks for the time.


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