My Name Is Joseph

I just thought I'd finally get around to introducing myself and say hi. I'm somewhat new to the server. I transferred over from Dalaran where I was a raider in multiple guilds during that realms slow decent into despair. Joined up with a few guys that I raided with before and have been having a good time so far. Not much else to say, leave a greeting if you feel like being cordial.
Hello. ^_^
Hi there! :D
Howdy and welcome!
Hey Joeseph, welcome aboard our failboat!
02/07/2013 01:18 AMPosted by Giorgilol
Hey Joeseph, welcome aboard our failboat!
Haha, well this server is less of a failboat than my last, I can tell you that. I guess you could say, that server SUNK! Hahahahhahahahhah oh man, oh geez, I'm hilarious.
Hey Joeseph welcome to Turalyon.

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