[H] <Asphyxia>16/16H LFM

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Need people to take Vanq tokens tbh.
Bump for a madlad tank so I can deepssss :D
Srsly Vanq tokens.
Well amber shaper was nice enough to give me a 1h sword I will only ever use to kill him more .....
5.2 in two weeks! Any players that think they have what it takes get keen and apply. We will be looking to fill out our team with the 1/2 members before then so this is the perfect opportunity to establish yourself in our raid team. If you have high end exp and think you have something to offer this team, why haven't you already applyed?

Core G1 spots!

- Non Warrior tank.
- Boomy/resto os
- We are also interested in all players of high caliber.
pump it up!
LF1M so i dont have to reroll AGAIN!!!
Still need a Boomkin and a Tanky Tank. ^_^
Non-warrior tank please
Moar Vanqs!
bawla tank plox
Hi Zenti, Didn't catch you in game.

Could you update our requirements

Ele/Resto Sham.
Holy Pally.

No longer in need of a tank.
02/13/2013 02:24 PMPosted by Boboqt
Could you update our requirements

02/13/2013 02:24 PMPosted by Boboqt

lol y recruit ret
btw dis bobo guy is talking about g2 for the unsuspecting peepz
Oh dat ret part.

OOPS. i don't want a ret now. lol i filled my melee spot. hur hur
Grp 1 still looking for that top shelf boomy and Grp 2 details have been updated bobo.

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