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Hello RP forums! I've recently decided to make Nynia here an OC that I'd like to write fanfiction and (obviously) rp with. I'd like suggestions on rp or rp-pvp realms! Here are some things I'm looking for:

- A kind and helpful community
- DECENTLY balanced (a perfect 50-50 ratio will NEVER happen, but I'd like a realm that's no more than 60-40 of either faction)
- DECENTLY populated
- Limited trolls/griefers (I say LIMITED because I KNOW they're out there and you can't get away from them no matter what, but I want my beginning experience to go fairly smoothly)
- Well-established guild that accepts and is welcoming/supportive/helpful to newbie rpers like me.

Also, in case you're wondering, no, I'm NOT realm transferring Nyn. I'm 'remaking' her so to speak on the server I will choose.

As another note, I have NEVER rped in-game before. I DO have more experience with forum rps or rps over a messenger, though they were about other subjects. But I DO at least have rp experience.

I am also reading through all of the guides that have been put to help people like me who want to rp but have never done it in-game, so don't worry about that.

And with that, give me your suggestions!
Ravenholdt. RP-PVP. Horde heavy but Alliance has a lot more fight in them per pound.

I would suggest for a starting place Nightgloom Hollow, and it may become a comfortable home for the duration. Most of the purely Blood Elf house guilds died of anxiety and hyperventilation. Nightgloom Hollow is a great place though, and RP skills run the gamut.

Check out this unofficial site for guild guides, fan fic and RP discussion: http://www.ravenholdt.us/ Once I found Ravenholdt I pretty much quit all the other servers I am (was) on.

Regardless of where you go, let RP be free - a conduit for aspects of your personality rather than a construct. It is so liberating that you have to try it to believe it. Give us a shout at the site I provided or our realm forum here.

Best of luck to you!
I heartily second Stonzgrinda's endorsement of Ravenholdt. I've not seen a tighter, more fun, more welcoming community since the days of text-based MUDDing.

Since you like forum RP, you will find plenty of it at www.ravenholdt.us. There are some great stories there, and many of the plotlines are woven with in-game events. It is tremendous fun all around!
Be sure to check out Cenarion Circle, It's every bit as friendly as it's rumored to be!!


On a related note. I need some volunteers to help with an rp event on Cenarion Circle. If you roll a human or worgen before Sunday the 9th and wish to participate in a rally supporting the poor and homeless of Westfall, I am willing to provide a couple of free runecloth bags in return for your attendance at the event. We will be marching from Westbrook Garrison to the front Gates of Stormwind and holding a peaceful demonstration.

Simply roll a human or worgen before Sunday and whisper me in game. I expect you to be willing to play the part of a homeless or destitute farmer or merchant from Westfall. Not necessary to be a Defias. We are expecting some resistance. So hopefully it will be fun for all.
Thank you all so far for your suggestions!

Stonz, you gave such a heart-felt post, I'm definitely gonna check Ravenholdt out! I hope to see you around soon! I'll likely be rolling Nyn on there once I get home (I'm currently at work until 4, haha).

And Sylvia, thank you as well! I've heard good things about Cenarian Circle, so I might pop in there as well!

Hope to see you all soon!!
@ Nynia - I am so glad to hear this, and look forward to playing in the RP sandbox with you! Once you get here, I would urge you to put me, Sisanej, Jenasis and Kethsarion in your friends list. Sisanej is my splendid 2inC for Bloodfury Clan and has a far greater depth of knowledge of Ravenholdt's history and its present guild and social geography. Jenasis is her as a sneaky, amoral dead girl and is newly in <Nightgloom Hollow>. Kethsarion is also a friend of mine and is the GM of <Nightgloom Hollow>. NGH is a great place to land and get your bearings, whether you stay there for the long haul or not. It is a very friendly place and I might have an alt there too, although I would try to keep that a secret if I did...

@ Sylviagray - that sounds like an awesome event, and I do think I will join you. Something creative, like 'Stonesgrinder' for a name... What minimum level toons will we need, or will it all be in safe zones? I'd love to participate but my available time for a single use alt is very limited.
Anyone who wishes to help out for the event, just roll an alt and wear your beginner clothes, or kill humanoids until you have a simple grey outfit, I will gladly help out there. I think if you care to spend an hour ahead of the event leveling to 10 or so you will be fine. But even if you wish to simply complete the start quests and hit 5 or 6 its fine too.

Think of it as being extras at a movie set. You are not required to say or do anything, but if you wish to say something I appreciate it if you stick to the simple idea you are a homeless, jobless Westfall person. You maybe questioned or harassed, but remember it is IC and do not take it personal.

Another good thing is, you will not find the crowd of trolls and idiots in the Goldshire Inn like you have on Moonguard. Here is a link to the event and a short description of what we are doing.

A mention here for The Venture Co.


A smaller, but dedicated community with good wpvp events. You will find the community helpful and welcoming, regardless of which faction you roll. There are a number of great guilds on both sides, who communicate decently to organize events.

And a plug for my own guild, Thunderhoof Clan: an all-tauren guild of 6 years.
@ Aovi- Thank you, I've heard good things about The Venture Co. as well, so I might pop in there as well!!

@ Stonzgrinda- Sadly, when I tried to make Nyn on Raveholdt, it said the name was taken, so I can't make her on there.... =( Fortunately, I have another character I can use, so I'll be making her on Ravenholdt instead! Once I do that AND sign up on the site, I'll message you and the others in-game!!!
I'd like to say that Ravenholdt is definitely worth the use of a diaeresis...
i would suggest Silver Hand but i can no longer do so as they are becoming less and less a RP Realm... which leaves me in search of another myself... so i think i might popover to Ravenholdt myself
If you decide to check out CC, log in to the ooc channels either horde or alliance and introduce yourself. People are very willing to help out and answer any questions you might have. I always think a person should roll a new toon and check servers out.
@ Stonzgrinda- Sadly, when I tried to make Nyn on Raveholdt, it said the name was taken, so I can't make her on there.... =( Fortunately, I have another character I can use, so I'll be making her on Ravenholdt instead! Once I do that AND sign up on the site, I'll message you and the others in-game!!!

Excellent! I look forward to meeting and RPing with you!
i did join up on CC but was wondering what the occ chanels were for horde...

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