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Waves crashed against the hull of the ship as it sailed along its way. It was a somewhat modest ship, a little bigger than the average Stormwind transport, but nothing to one of the mighty steamers. Below decks were most of the accommodations of a small inn for passengers, including a galley and a few rooms. It was no warship, but it did carry a few cannons and a large harpoon gun in case force was ever necessary. It was fairly evident that force was sometimes required, considering that the ship was scarred from the occasional Whale Shark bump, or Naga raid. It didn't have the advantages of serving a more powerful kingdom, for the ships captain, a human going by Captain Valtin, had made a vow to keep his ship a neutral transport. This was shown further through his choice of a Blood Elven first officer, and the fact that no flag hung from the masts. The only identification the ship had was a single plaque on the left side; The Arrowhead .

Valtin stood on the deck of the ship while his first officer manned the wheel. It was becoming increasingly difficult to find neutral ports now that the war between the Alliance and Horde was increasing in intensity. The ship was being forced to land along coastlines to avoid factional ports. It could only advertise its routes in neutral cities, such as Dalaran. Yet still, he had a promise to himself to keep, and if he would end up in the Stormwind Stockades for his principles, so be it.

If any clarification is needed, this is supposed to be a tavern roleplay on a boat. You can introduce you character by either having them somehow get to the ship while its in the Ocean, or you can have the boat land wherever you want, except in major cities.
(I hope it is ok to be part of the crew)
Wishing he could be in his natural form, Zorroak shivered. He couldn't let the captain know of the curse, as tensions were still running high as to savage beasts, as the worgen were so commonly called, join the Alliance.
Bo'sun Zorroak marched up to the foredeck to where the captain was standing.
"Sir, the Maelstrom be kickin' up a mighty squall. We might want to be sailing around."
The Blood Shinobi arrive on the ship.

"Avast ye landlubbers!" The team leader exclaims and he adjusts his pirate hat.

The Blood Shinobi kill the crew and steal anything of worth from the ship. They then sail off into the sunset as they sing sea shanties.
Seeing the unfortunate massacre from the skies, the Aspect of Light touches down on the battered ship.

"Suurin laas asjh xil...," he says to himself in dragon tongue. "This is not your grave..."

Assuming the form of a golden-armored paladin, he breathed life back into the slain crew. Seeing the seafarers come to, he smiled. Returning to his dragon form, he flew into the sunset; not in pursuit of the pirates, but following the sun's setting rays.
Baron "Moosky", a brewmaster (monk) from Stormwind, looked out toward the sun to catch a glimpse of the awe inspiring sight of the dragon. He shifted on his heel and turned back toward the deck, took a sip of his brew and made his way down into the lower portion of the ship where he hid in his favorite area behind a large crate near his brewing area. "Moosky" swallowed the last of his brew, tipped his hat over his eyes and fell into a drunken slumber.
"Well that was interesting," Valtin said as soon as he came to. He thought he had had a dream about being mercilessly slaughtered and then kindly resurrected. After shaking off the last of his confusion he ordered the first mate to change course according to Zorrak's advisement.
((OK, the pirates and the Aspect of Light just derailed the entire thread. First off, Aspect of Light? That is godmodding of the worst sort. In an alternate Azeroth, that would work, not here. Secondly, blood. elf. pirates. That will never work in an RP standpoint and the name Blood Shinobi sounds like something a samurai would use.))
"Moosky awoke from his sleep as the captain ordered the ship onto a recourse. Being the monk that he is he could sense that something on the ship wasn't exactly..."right". He couldn't place his finger on it so being the drunk he is he sort of shrugged it off. He knew that the captain may be stressed from his search to finding neutral ports so he though of a great way to cheer him up, the only way he knew how. He quickly whipped up a jug of his most famous Sweet bourbon and capped it. He then ordered a squabbie from across the room to deliver it to the captain at once. He handed the squabbie a coin purse along with the bourbon and literally kicked him out onto the deck.
Luthionn was a passenger on the ship, and was also a volunteer. He helped cook, and helped the Captain navigate. He was upstairs, and he took all of his armor off. He had his casual clothes on, and sat there. He then felt the need to go downstairs, and get a drink. Luthionn then put his armor in his room, and went below decks to get a fresh drink. He looked at the drunken man, and sighed. Luthionn told the bartender to get him a pint of water. While he waited, he found his own little table, and sat there reading a book called, 'How To Have Feelings, By: Unknown".
Moosky examined the night elf quietly as he stumbled over toward the unused glasses near his brewing station. He fumbled with the fountain and after a few intense minutes of trying to fill the cup he was successful. He tried to regain his composure and slowly crept over to the Night Elf where he quietly placed the pint in front of him. Moosky eyed the book and tried to collect his thoughts when he realized that he was starting to look awkward just staring blankly at the Night Elf.
Moosky turned and happily strolled back toward the bar where a few squabbies where demanding drinks. Even though he seemed happy Moosky couldn't help but think that something terrible was going to happen sometime in the future.
"Well mates, what'll it be?" Moosky asked loudly
"Firewater!" The squabbies chanted as Moosky threw the already filled mugs of delicious firewater toward the now cheering people.
He looked over toward the Night Elf once more and frowned, he couldn't remember the last time he had read a book or even read other then the labels on his imported ale.
Luthionn kept reading silently, until he saw the Monk. He had a dark look on him, he was kind at times, but he never liked to be disturbed. Took a drink from his pint, and sighed. He then set the pint down, and gasped. He had a strange feeling, that something bad would happen soon. It was a strong feeling... it was new to him, feeling something such as this. He then calmly collected himself, and put his book in his pack. He then sat there. Trying to regain his thoughts.
Moosky served a few more drinks until the drunken sailors wandered off to another area of the ship. Moosky, while cleaning a pint with a rag,looked up at the Night Elf, "Hey Elf, I am closing up my station for night, you are free to continue reading in the dining area if you wish. Have a good evening." Moosky placed the mugs and pints into a steamer that he had gotten from a goblin in booty bay. He powered it up amd let the mugs sit and soak. With that he returned to his favorite spot and downed a bottle of his "sleeping brew".
Luthionn looked up, and nodded at the man. He knew it was night time, and it was closing up. He never liked reading in the dining area, but outside on the decks. He loved hearing the waves splash against the side of the boat, while reading. He walked out, book in hand. Luthionn went to the left side of the boat, and sat there, listening to the waves, while reading the same book he has been.
The Blood Elf pirate ship decloaks off the starboard side of the ship. "Fire the torpedoes!" The Captain yells.
((Uh. I'm just going to...ignore the continued pirate attacks for the time being?))

Good-natured, slurred shouts and loud bursts of drunken laughter carried on a slight breeze and wafted from the hold, crowded with sailors, to the deck. Otherwise, the splash-splash-splash of the waves and the moon's silence reigned and permitted Luthionn to read in peace.


Tap, tap, tap.

It was a muffled sound, and the persistent tapping did not begin for several minutes, until well after the dining area had been darkened and the decks quieted.

Tap, tap.

It didn't seem to be moving any nearer or father away.

Tap, tap, tap.

There--a movement snatched from the corner of an eye. Along the starboard deck--those barrels. Did one of them just rock? That one there, with the chest balanced atop.

Luthionn then kept hearing tapping noises. He knew it was on the deck, but from where? He looked at all the barrels, and saw one rock. It had a chest balanced ontop of it. He then quickly ran to his room, got on his favourite armor, and went to check out the Barrel. When he was nearing it, he drew out his sword, and slowly walked towards it.
A torpedo hits the Arrowhead. Sailors are tossed about the deck from the explosion.
((OP, if you don't mind, could you let me know whether I should continue to disregard the pirate attack as godmoding, or whether you want me to go with it. It's your thread!))

By the time Luthionn returned above deck, the tapping had become slower. More regular. More of a thud. And with each thud, the barrel jolted, just barely. The heavy chest on top of it rocked a little.

Then, when the elf had almost reached it--when he was close enough to notice the rusty bands around the thick, bent planks and the oiled wood, and the hole or two where a knot in the wood must have been--it stops, and

Was that a squeak, from inside?
Moosky tossed and turned under the rugged tarp, suffering from the same feeling from earlier. He looked at the two empty jugs of his "Sleeping Brew" sitting still at the base of one of the crates. He inhaled the sea smell slowly and decided to make his way up onto the deck. As he quietly snuck from his area he heard the sound of someone on the deck. He quickly pulled his staff from under his brewing station and walked up toward the deck.

Upon arrival Moosky noticed the Night Elf standing near an uncovered barrel. "Hey Elf, what do you think your doing sneakin around the ship at night?" Moosky stood staring at the Luthionn awaiting a reply.
Luthionn stared at the Barrel, then turned his attention to the Monk. He slowly started relaxing. He then said, "I heard tapping noises coming from this barrel, and a squeak..." He then was agitated again, and almost enraged. He readied his weapon, and went over to the barrel and opened the top... to find...

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