[A]<The First Regiment> of the Stormwind Army

Moon Guard
A soldier who deliberately allowed an orc to escape capture shall be court-marshaled this evening for high treason, as tensions rise for the upcoming conflict.
I've added a brief section on the current auxiliary positions available in the regiment:

Auxiliary Units
Comprised of civilians or foreign nationals.

  • Grael Notchcliff-Frost (Grael)
  • Raiek Frost (Raiek)
  • The Church of the Holy Light has sent many of its priests to observe and spread its teachings to those of the Grand Alliance. As men and women of the cloth, chaplains supplement Stormwind military medical personnel and act as confessors, preachers, and general representatives of the Holy Church when amongst the king's army.

    Stormwind Circle of Magi
  • Zanbor Emerson (Zanbor)
  • Toberton Knotrum (Toberton)
  • Not all mages in service to the Stormwind Army are of enlisted rank. Sorcerers and wizards of the kingdom's order of magi take on more utilitarian roles such as portal masters, enchanters, and advisors against arcane threats wherever the king's military is deployed.

    Order of the Ebon Blade
    Former knights and paladins of the Alliance, raised in death by the scourge and regaining their free will, have pledged themselves to the kingdom's cause. While most are unable to return to enlisted service due to their physical status, others choose to serve alongside the soldiers of the Stormwind Army to do their part for the war effort.

    Tushui Vanguard
  • Shengzhi Khang (Shengzhi)
  • With the introduction of Pandaren into the Alliance under the Tushui banner, several units of the faction have been attached to the Stormwind Army to facilitate closer relations. Tushui Vanguard, Archers, Monks and Mistweavers make up the auxiliary units under command of Pandaren officials.

    Civilian and Mercenary Contracts
    Several other civilian and mercenary contracts are available to those who would seek them. The king's army requires cooks, armorers and quartermasters to maintain the logistics required of keeping an army well-equipped and prepared for battle. Other foreign nationals who have yet to earn Stormwind citizenship may be recruited as Auxiliary soldiers, aids, and representatives depending on their disposition.
    Missed the trial, but the after talk was certainly interesting if nothing else.
    Looking forward to the real life get-together with the regiment!
    Well hey there, Mr. Maxen.
    02/16/2013 01:06 AMPosted by Türin
    Seriously, Maxen is one of the better RPers on server and is a good friend and fellow Stormind RPer. Can't wait to work with you, Lord Montclair.

    Many thanks! I too look forward to helping build up the Stormwind House of Nobles and other aspects of Stormwind RP. We'll keep in touch!
    /bump for a fellow Stormwind military guild!
    Tensions continue to increase as the recently-elected High Mage Toberton Knotrum goes missing from the First's camp across from Binan Village. The First is on the hunt for the guilty parties, with all evidence pointing towards the Horde!
    Gotta say, I really do like this armor. Makes my neck feel a lot more protected than the usual stuff I run around in does. Silly shadow priest vampire people attacking me at CC. Oh yeah by the way we're still in Kun-Lai, not much to report as far as I know.
    Tis' cold in the tents.
    That's not what I heard!
    Tis' cold in the tents, unless you wear five pairs of socks.
    I dunno, Levi seems quite content. Snow is after all his thing.
    The regiment marches on through the mountain paths and valleys of Kun'lai, soon to meet the enemy - uncertain of the battles ahead.
    Under banners blue, our motives true, the army marches on.
    *Nudges Maxen*
    The First eagerly awaits their first contact with the enemy, ready to take to the field!
    The calm before the storm.
    Nah, there is a storm outside and it is still pretty calm. Stupid winter showed up late this year, but I guess... winter was always coming.

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