[A]<The First Regiment> of the Stormwind Army

Moon Guard
The storm before the calm before the storm.
The regiment rests, preparing to scout into the snow-covered mountains of Kun'lai on the morrow.
I liked the storm after the calm before the storm and the actual storm that happened. It was fairly interesting to have just RP.
After claiming victory amongst the heroes of the Grand Alliance, the regiment began its long trek back to the southern coast of Pandaria.
The regiment camps on the border of the Jade Forest. We sail for Stormwind on the morrow.
On calm seas the king's fleet rides, at the mercy of the changing tides.
We're on a boat.
Sailing on a boat! Sailing on a boat!
The mysterious plague is at the forefront of our concerns, and the regiment has deployed across the city to aid in relief efforts.
Now in Stormwind, the regiment is openly recruiting!
In service to the king, we ride and sing. The armsman's charge we bear. Under banners blue, our motives true, we fight for values fair.

Troll up in your stuff!
Through iron and blood we train in our craft so no iron or blood are spent in our wrath.
Guild meeting tonight to discuss recent changes and changes to come.
The regiment shall distribute plague vaccines to the people of Stormwind for the days to come.
Long live the king and his glorious kingdom. For the Alliance!
The regiment stands vigilant as talk of new plagues spread through the city, its armsmen preparing themselves for deployment to Tanaris.

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