Dark Skies (Over their Heads)

Hello, I'm currently looking to finish this up and was hoping there were some players that could spare a second so that I could scan for the remainders on their server.

Currently, I'm in search of
Amber Rocktunneler
Essence of Horror

Can invite to Sargeras as well if needed. We have Essence of Dread / panic / Vizier up atm.

Ezzy#1611 thanks!
updated, 2 to go!
Looking for Dread Ambercrusher....is he up on anyone's server today? Badger#1681
Looking for essence of fear, xcal #1454.
He is up today on the forgotten coast. I sent you an inv. but i will be gone all day so if you don't see it before i log off, get someone from TFC to add you.
I sent you a friend request, if you get back on.
still need dread ambercrusher if anyone sees him. :) Thanks.
TFC up today: Garalong, Essence of Horror, Dread Fearbringer

Still Looking for Dread Ambercrusher if anyone spots him.
Looking for Amber-shaper Un'sok
Need Amber Venomlancer!!!

Up today (2/15) on my server:
Essence of terror
Wind Lord Mel'Jarak
Amber Earthshaker

In Need of Dread Ambercrusher!

(2/15) Up today on The Forgotten Coast:
Essence of Dread
Essence of Fear

LF Dread Ambercrusher.

Essence of Dread, Meljarak, and Dread Fearbringer up on Zuljin 2/16
Got my achieve, Up today on TFC: (2/17)

Dread Ambercrusher
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok
Amber Venomlancer

Battle# Badger#1681

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