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Hello to everyone out on the KJ Server. My name is Baldev (yeah right), and I am here to see if you are interested in joining our gaming community known as Synergy. We are a global online gaming family that has been around for 10 years. We offer friendship, fun, and awesome gameplay through a wide variety of games and genres.

Currently we are looking to recruit more friends and team members into our midst for the Mist of Pandaria Expansion. All classes and levels are currently welcome at this time.

Check out our main site - http://www.syn-city.com/

Guild Information
So You want to know about the guild. Here are a few random things about us you may be interested in knowing-

*Prospective members must be 18 years of age or older.
*We use Teamspeak as our main source of communication in all games.
*We play more than just World of Warcraft, so if you become a member with us, you
belong to an entire community of gamers.
*We do random chapter-wide events. (Naked Race, Day of Reckoning, just to name a few)
*Synergy's roots were started in 1999, and fully planted in 2002.
*Synergy has a clanwide membership of a few hundred players.
*Level 25 guild.
*Casual PvP, with RGBs as a goal in mind.
*Mainly LFR now, possible scheduled raids later. (dependant upon recruitment)
*Great leveling guild.

What must you do to start the recruitment process?

There are a few ways to start the recruitment process

1.] While in game whisper the following people -

2.] Go to our site, register on the forums, and make a post in the following Horde Chapter forum -

Hey there Baldev, noticed your thread and decided to stop in to bump it. I'm a huge supporter of multi gaming guilds and I'm interested in joining with my level 90 frost dk and my 70 bm hunter.
Hey man, I am sacrebloo in game get with me or come to

www.syn-city.com/forums and i get a convo with you

Hey Ebiahh, thanks for the response. Get with Sacrebloo, and he can fill you in on and things, and have some general discussion. See you in game sometime.

Yeah, we have some pretty interesting names for our toons. All part of the charm :-)
Hey guys! Thank you for stopping in. Check out our website syn-city.com also! You can always speak to any of us in game as well! See ya!

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