491 ilvl Resto Druid LF 16/16 Norm or Heroic-

As the thread names says i am a 491 ilvl Resto Druid looking for a well ran progressing team to raid with that is around 16/16 exp moving into heroics or already progressing threw.

My availability is standard server time any where from 5pm-1am all days of the week.

i have a personal progression of 16/16 killed with 2/6 HM MSV exp on my warrior before i rerolled to be a Resto Druid.

i have raided since early Cata played since late WoTlk
Other raids i have done are during current content are:
*Dragon soul Norm/HM 8/8
*Firelands Norm/HM 7/7
*Bot/ToT4w/BWD 12/12 norm only

Addons i use are:

Gearing and Optimizing Websites i use are:
*Fatboss on youtube
*World of logs

Reason for leaving other team is: it fell apart with raid leader having irl stuff going on and most of the team as well.

any other information or questions needed feel free to ask in comments and ill be sure to get back to you. for easy contact add soulsplit#1905
Hey man, Om Nom United are currently forming a 5.2 core, LMK if you are interested
Sup I lead a 15/16nm nz based raiding group that raids 6-10pmst thurs/sat/mon pst me ingame for more details - lazybear or add real id lazybear#1820

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