[H] Solaris looking for ACTIVE members

Solaris: a fun, casual, social guild looking for friends!

So picture this: one day, you're browsing the guild recruitment forums, 'cause hey, you're really hankering for a sweet place to park your characters. The thing is... you're sick of raiding! It's just not your thing anymore! Scrolling past the myriad threads advertising l33t guilds with promises of phat lewtz, you come across a small thread proffering the wares of the best non-raiding guild that the Thrall realm has to offer: Solaris.

I know what you're thinking. "How is Solaris any different from any other laidback, casual WoW guild out there?"

Solaris is a guild formed by friends and ex-raiders who grew tired of the raid scene, the nerdrage it can bring, and the inevitable drama. We wanted a place where we could hang out and enjoy the game without having to deal with raid schedules, irate raid leaders and 'that guy.' Yeah, you know the guy. (http://www.wowwiki.com/People_in_your_Raid)

Even though we have since added a raid team to our roster, the general feeling of Solaris hasn't changed. Probably because our raiders are some of the goofiest people out there (and don't take themselves or their raid progress very seriously).

We want to goof off, have fun, socialize, help one another and make lots of new friends in the process. We're a laidback, silly group who love cracking jokes, telling silly stories, making fun of the things that make this game such 'srs bsns,' and just generally enjoying WoW in a positive, healthy, social environment. We enjoy cake, hanging out in vent, long walks on the beach, walruses, and candlelit dinners.

Are you a positive player with a good attitude and a casual approach to the game? If so, we'd love to hear from you! We are mostly comprised of 18+ members and therefore most of our playerbase works or has other obligations. Because of this, we're most active in the evenings or late at night.

Whisper Nedaria or Pabo for an invite or more information.

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