[A] Infamy (4/13H, AU raid) Recruiting

Still looking for a quality lock who wants to get us hooked on his/her candy... because we are just a bunch of all-day-suckers!
Muletia is a cool cat, I remember runnin round with him in the horde days when it was so desolate. So this group must be good if he's in it.
Also I like showing off my dk's sexy name (see Kill Bill if you haven't), and I just used the 7 day free trial. Haven't played since shortly before MoP was released...

OMG forums access with a free trial! Glad your guild is still up and kickin !@#$
Just think of all the havoc & mayhem you could unleash with us... you know you want too!!
Mishii wants to find a nice little lock friend who will give her lots of sweet rock candy... oh, and being able to beat up on those nasty trolls helps too! ;-)
I have Candy, Currently I am 507 ilvl with 4/16 experience. I would love the chance to see if I am a good fit for your raid team. You can contact me in game via mail or my battle tag id is Madjoy#1234
Hi, definitely interested, need to have a chat first. I've added you to my friends list so will be keeping an eye out.

I'll probably be on this character as she's my current leveling project - but if I need anything from the AH I could be on Muletia.
Still on the look out for a quality candy maker! You know how badly those trolls need to get punched in da face!!! ;-)
Update for clearing normal ToT. Still WTB: Lock candy.
Updated progress, 1/13H now. Still looking for a Warlock to take us for a ride in their "Free Candy" van.
Edit for a dead bird. 2/13H now.
Still after an Australian based Warlock to complete our lineup.
Still looking. I know you're out there somewhere!
I'm almost tempted to apply, but I'm sure my current progression would leave me spinning from the speedy rejection
Don't count yourself out too quickly. Attitude, ability to learn and adapt, and how well you fit in with our group of crazies are all important factors, as much as if not more important than progression. :)
Well, I am pretty crazy, truth be known.

My Attitude is very positive, and I believe i can adapt to almost anything. Having played a Restoration Druid for 5 years up until 5.2, I know the importance of situational awareness & boss mechanics, minimising damage taken, as well as the best time to use dps cd's, trinkets, etc.

Whilst I have only been playing my lock as main for a month or so, I have played him as my main alt for a number of years, and pride myself in knowing my class, and my role (cookie distribution being a huge part of that, I have done a course in logistics recently that has seen a vast improvement in overall production and profitability across the board).

Currently I am 2/12 normal, restricted by both my server and my guilds lack of being able to consistently fill a raid. My ilvl at this time is 510.

Destruction is my spec, and crit is my game, ask after the best lock, and you'll hear my name.
*This last statement may actually not be true, it is based solely on my high opinion of myself, and has by no means been means tested*
Still on the lookout for a good warlock and also a quality elemental shaman who is awesome at delivering copious amounts of Chain Lightning cheez! Come join your Oceanic brethren in handing out some ANZAC justice to those norti trolls!!! ;-)
Requirements updated. Currently after 1-2 of the following classes/roles:

- 1x Warlock
- 1x Ele Shammy
- 1x Boomy
We are no longer looking for a new healer. We are still in search of range DPS though!
Are you a warlock, ele shammy or a boomy and looking for a new team to kill things with?!

We want you!

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