Looking for guild!

Realm: Thrall
481 WW Monk / 472 MW Monk
Looking to join 10 raid team
times: sun-thurs any hours
contact: Cribble#1344
Organization Thirteen is a newly formed Level 25 guild. We are all very friendly and eager to get the guild max level. As GM, My toon Namïne is the best contact in game and you can either send a message or whisper and I will get back to you as soon as possible. A little about the way we have things set up, Rules, etc:

AS POSTED ON GUILD WEBSITE [ http://organizationthirteenofthrall.enjin.com/home ]:

Welcome to the new home of Organization Thirteen. Our guild is located on Thrall-US and has a long ways to go. The majority of the founding members are fellow raiders that decided it was time to begin their own journey. We are those that have set forth to reclaim ourselves in the depths of Azeroth to be made whole again. We are just starting out and want to level up as soon as possible. We welcome all members however, we do have a few ground rules:

1) Do not feed the trolls. By this, we refer to those people that feed on humiliating other players in trade chat, general chat, and even in PUGS. We do not mind having fun, but do not make me act like you mommy.

2) If Rule 1 does not seem attainable and you cause drama in any of the above mentioned (or elsewhere), you will become a "Rejected Fate" member. This is the 'Naughty Corner' and you do not want to end up here. This rank is reserved for members who could not contain themselves. This is not a kindergarten class.... Please do not make me place you in time out.

3) If you are interested in raiding, we will have an officer observe your qualifications and application. At that time, if you are deemed a person that would fit the ranks of our team, you will be contacted by either the GM or the raid leader to move forward.

4) If you are in [one] of our raid groups, please be advised that as we build the guild and work towards progression you may need to sit out on a boss occasionally in order to make the optimal group. This will not be an 'every raid night' thing and the same people will not always have to sit out. We want to gear everyone and also to ensure you all reap the rewards. Please understand that most everyone will have to go through this at some point.

For now, these are the ground rules... majority refers to NO DRAMA! I will also include guild rankings for those whom are unsure of where they fall. Remember, it takes everyone working together to make this a successful, drama-free guild. I understand that many members will want to move up and not be just social or an invitee. We will determine the characteristics necessary in order to be promoted. For now, Welcome and please enjoy yourselves!!

When invited, members have a 2 week 'trial' before they gain full access. This is for both ourselves as a guild as well as you as an individual. How often do you get to a guild that is not a great fit? You get to test out the guild, meet some new people, and see if we are a place you feel could be your permanent home. All ranks have the ability to invite so come join!






Please let us know if you are interested!!

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