Why is WoW considered nerdy, yet Xbox isnt?

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I was thinking, and why is WoW considered "Nerdy", especially when compared to the Xbox? Computer games in general seem to be a blemish on your social life, yet if you play Call of Duty, or Fallout, etc., you are considered "cool"? Think about it. Both gaming systems and games have their similarities and differences, but alot more similar imo.

Similarities(computer games vs. Xbox) :
1. Can be online or offline
2. Involve killing in more cases than not.
3. Involves sitting down (unless you actually tryhard at Kinect), so it cant be considered lazy.
4. People spend many hours playing and perfecting characters.
5. Large playerbases.
The list goes on...

1. Xbox can be played sat down, but as mentioned before, only if you tryhard at kinect :)
2. Different games for the most part.
3. Different systems/players.
4. One's played on TV, other on computer.

So my only conclusion would be that Xbox games can be more realistic whereas alot more computer games are fanatasy/scifi based. But then came Skyrim, and everyone went to that. Skyrim has magic, dragons, custom characters/classes, professions, etc. So does WoW. It also has a computer version. But if someone plays WoW, or Rift, LoL, etc., we are considered the nerds of society. Why?
I think by the majority WoW is considered losery not nerdy or geeky.
Stereotypes are a part of the problem.

Yet both games and systems have players who devote their LIVES to the game it seems. I consider both players losers. And both have their casual players too.
Stereotypes are a part of the problem.


Stereotypes are the problem.
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Once again, not many people play Kinect, those that do seem to use as little arm movements as possible, kind of like the Wii. And CoD and Skyrim and AC3 arent on the Kinect either :P
consoles have been mainstream for a couple decades.
Most fantasy games are considered nerdy.

Started with dungeons and dragons.
The Xbox is primarily known for first person shooters and sports games. i.e., "mature" and "manly" games.

It's all about branding.
Because non WoW players assume this is what your typical player looks like

Xbox is considered nerdy, just not by xbox nerds.
X-box appeals to bros and the bro mentality.

MMOs do not.
Most fantasy games are considered nerdy.

Started with dungeons and dragons.

Once again, we all know people who play Skyrim and are "cool" too. Think of it this way. If you walked around New York City with a Skyrim T-shirt on one day, and a WoW the next, which do you think people will take you either more seriously, or respect you more with, or less likely to call a nerd?

And yes, stereotypes are the whole problem.
Paying subscription fee = nerdy
flat fee and then free = is cool
stereotypes are an assuption, and most of the time assuptions are bad. I was tought never to assume a while ago. Has helped me out a bunch.
Most fantasy games are considered nerdy.
Started with dungeons and dragons.

this is probably the correct answer.

it's not so much that WoW is an MMO as the fact that it's fantasy-based is what makes it "nerdy" in the public eye.

and it garners the most attention because it's the most popular.
Because CoD is about explosions and bullets, and WoW is about numbers and swords.
Xbox live has a sub too. Just not as high, but you can buy stuff in the Xbox world too.

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