Why is WoW considered nerdy, yet Xbox isnt?

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I didn't know WoW was seen as nerdy. As someone else said, WoW is like the CoD of MMOs. In fact, the only people I can think of who would actually think someone is nerdy for playing WoW are the Fragheads who are so insecure that they feel the need to be over the top macho. Fun thing to do if you play both FPS (and are good) and WoW. When someone starts raging over the mic about you headshotting them or getting a killing spree, tell them you thought you were healing them like you do in WoW.

I have never heard people rage harder when I've said that.

I struck up a few WoW conversations in some CoD matches after reading your post, just to hear the hilarious reactions... Instead I got mostly people that ignored me, said they used to play it, or people that didn't know what it was. Maybe I was lucky, but there was this one guy though that seemed very angry for no real reason and said it was a game for pus****, lol.
I have the PC version of CoD however, so the community is much more level headed then its platform counterparts. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have never gotten the chance to speak over everyone's rage of the "hacker scrub" or "akimbo noob."
xbox is a console/game playing machine/media center, from the get go. It doesn't require techy savvy to get all that working.

The games are specifically made for it, so it doesn't require knowing computers, or component parts; If you get an xbox 360 and get a game, you should have the same experience as another guy who has one with that game.

Xbox 360 type games are cool, there are a lot of FPS/sports games. There really are not as many fantasy RPG games as I'd hoped, two that I've played in the last year being Skyrim and Dragon's Dogma.

MMORPGS, on the computer, tend to be more for nerdy people because you usually need some computer know how to keep them running well at all. They are also not very casual. Instead they are something you can really "nerd out" with.
It's the rpg genre that is nerdy.
It's a lot easier to invite someone over to drink beer and play CoD than to invite someone over to drink beer and play WoW, and once you and your buddies get done blasting people in CoD, you can put on whatever sporting event or tv show that you want to watch without others (like guildies) needing anything from you, so there's the (in person)social aspect

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