Light's Hammer with a snare

So, a possible paladin buff is Light's Hammer gaining a snare feature in addition to it's damage and healing. My question is: Will this skill finally be of value to a PVP Retribution paladin in arenas or Rated Battle Grounds? More so than Holy Prism?
holy prism will still be king.
Damn. And I just made my "Drop the Hammer" Macro
Essentially Lights hammer will be a yellow shiny version of a mages Ring of Frost but does damage and snares as opposes to a complete freeze lockout
Lights hammer with a snare is just too.. Situational..
Besides, other classes have better aoe stuns/snares.
Holy prism on the other hand has a lot of flexibility..
Can use to to bring out stealthers
Or extra aoe damage protecting nodes
Or extra heals for you or teammates..
It's a versatile spell, lights hammer isn't.

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