thanks for resurrecting ret

Quick backround: I've been playing ret again for a couple months now after a long hiatus. I had let the sub lapse at the end of Cata, during all of Cata I had shelved the paladin class because it just didn't feel the same. I have been playing pallys since the twilight of vanilla, particularly ret and had loved it through its many ups and downs. But Cata left ret feeling a bit slow, and a bit flat.

Now that I've finally leveled into Pandaria, it feels like ret has been resurrected for me. The rotation is fast enough to be rewarding, while still giving me time to scan the battlefield and give a Hand spell where needed. Different playstyle options through the talents keep things fresh as well. Big thanks blizz for bringing back my favorite class/spec.

I know others can point out problems ret has, no class is perfect. But at least it is fun to play again compared to the Cata era. The rotation back then felt like a metronome, with CS being the only HP generator.

Now if we can get some new minor glyphs (one of my favorite things about MoP), we'll really be in business.
I agree.

I have been playing a Paladin for a long time.

The concept and lore behind a Paladin, especially Ret (imo) is one of the cooler concepts in the game. I love the idea behind it all.

I also quick playing my Ret in Cata. I wasn't a fan of HP and I really though that they were taking Paladins in a bad direction.

However, I have since picked my Ret back up and while we don't do as much sustained damage as the other 2 Plate classes, I feel like our rotation is still pretty fun and the concept and lore alone make up for the lack of damage we do.

I still do decent on the DPS charts, though. It definitely drops without CDs up, but it's not terrible.
Indeed, the paladin essence is very endearing. Being able to ride into a battle, jump off the horse/elekk and immediately bubble some casters, throw out a LoH to bring someone back from the brink then lay waste to enemies, wings blazing is awesome.

Blood and Frost dk took over for my main in Cata, and while those are fun, they aren't paladins. I'm glad to have my main class back.

Something I also didn't expect: how powerful ret healing is pre-90. Seriously, I want to roll a new pally, spec ret with Selfless Healer and chain q instances as main healer. I had some early instances where the healer died and between dps'ing, WoG, and Selfless Healer managed to keep the tank + group up. A truly amazing time. While it is OP at those levels, it makes you feel like a true paladin.
What's really OP, although you have to rely heavily on RNG, is when Divine Purpose procs 5 or 6 times in a row and you can 3 HP WoG over and over again.

I hate relying on RNG so much, but Divine Purpose has its perks at times.

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