[A] <Ascent> 2/7M | 9/10H LFM DPS

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Ascent was formed 2 years ago by a group of raiders who have been together since Wrath. Our leadership has led both 10 and 25 man focused raiding guilds and we offer a home to other talented raiders that don't have 20, 12, or even 9 hours a week to dedicate to raiding. Most of us have other responsibilities outside of WoW so we only raid 7.5 hours a week. As such, we expect our raiders to deeply study their classes and boss fights in order to maintain a healthy rate of progression. Our raiders enjoy progressing through ALL content as quickly as possible while it is still relevant.

If you would like to be a part of a positive, fun and focused progression raid group on a light schedule then we might be the right guild for you.

Current Progress
Highmaul: 7/7H, 2/7M
Blackrock: 9/10H

Warcraft Logs Link

Current Need
Healer: Any

Raid Information
Raid Days/Times: Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday 8:30pm-11:00pm ST
Loot Policy: Loot Council
Attendance Policy: 85%+.
Min ilvl: ~675+
Raid History/Experience: Very high raid awareness (don't die to stupid stuff), and ability to research fights. Must have previous Heroic experience. Must be able to contribute to progression.

Additional Req.:
-Must have a working MIC and the ability to connect to Mumble
-Must be able to communicate
-Must be able to contribute to the overall community of our guild (get involved!)

What we look for in our member base is maturity, a positive attitude, and an in-depth knowledge of their class. Being properly gemmed/enchanted is a must.
Apply at http://ascentguild.guildlaunch.com or speak with Breetaii, Sanctym/McKrisp or Wolfington/Frankyang, in the game with any questions. I do enjoy playing my alts so you can also add my BattleTag: Skyline#1944.
Need an experienced Shadow Priest!
Shadow Priest where art thou?
Where have all the SPriests gone?
Need a healer and Ranged dps!
What about a balance druid?
Sorry Kay, just got a Mage last night! Also, we have 2 other druids in our group. =(
Still need a skilled Disc Priest.
Need more fun, adult people to join!
Need a good healer for ToT progression!!
Still looking.
Had some good attempts on Tortos, he will be going down this week! Still need a healer to fill our last spot.
What do you call 5 druids in a moonwell? A HoT tub.
Whats the difference between Hookers and Death Knights?

Nothing! They're both cheap and spread diseases!
Why didn't the Undead cross the road? Because he didn't have the guts!

Still need a solid healer.

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