PvP Holy CD Question

Hey, just started leveling my pally and i've been starting to get some cd's like Avenging Wrath, Divine Favor, and Guardian. So, for pvp is it best to use them all separately depending on the situation or macro them together? Thanks in advance. :)
You can be lazy and macro them together, but if you want to push a high rating you're going to have to split them and use the best moves for the situation. For ransoms and sub 2k using them together isn't an issue.
Guardian is your essential 'I have to heal this dude to full now.' You don't need to use any other cds along with it besides maybe make yourself immune to silence, that way you can save avenging wrath for another time when you need big heals.

Using your buffs together won't really make a huge difference, if anything it'll just !@#$ you over the next time you need big heals.
I have two throughput macros.

one with divine favor and avenging wrath.

the other everything else. (trinkets, GOAK, etc).

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