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Moon Guard
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Commission Drawings:


http://fav.me/d60x5te - Llyth
http://fav.me/d605z8i - Mads
http://fav.me/d60m7at - Eralesa

Currently Request Drawing:


In Queue:


http://fav.me/d5zo7u4 - Valtar
http://fav.me/d5zg92k - Muifei
http://fav.me/d5zfsbw - Praxos
http://fav.me/d5zfl4r - Alor
http://fav.me/d5z3qjh - Lilidorena
http://fav.me/d5tpt5i - Catharinn
http://fav.me/d5tr9hm - Evaniel
http://fav.me/d5ty9e0 - Avaruu
Character's name: Catharinn Pheonixfire

Character Race: Blood Elf/Sin'dorei

Age: 20

Facial Structure: Her face is soft and delicate.

Hair: Ponytail that is held together by a blue band.

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blueish green.

Scars/Tattoos: Scar going down her right cheek.

Physical Build: She's pretty in shape, and has toned muscles on her legs and arms if you were to see them.

Armor type: Leather

Weapon: Two red swords.

Personality: She can be a bit shy, but when in battle or if she becomes angry, she can be a force to be reckoned with.

Special note: She MUST have a red headband on her head.

Thanks. :)

Character name: Evaniel

Character Race: Quel'dorei

Age: 27ish in looks

Facial Structure: High cheekbones, pointed chin, delicate jaw. Full lips.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Straight, falls down to mid-shoulderblades. Up in a messy bun or down, whatever is fun. She changes it daily.

Hair Color: Pale blonde

Eye Color: Bright blue- even sclera is blue. GLOWY, TOO

Scars/Tattoos: None

Physical Build: Slender, tall, modest breast. Lots of hips and butt, though.

Armor Type: Cloth. Usually really fancy court type stuff.

Weapon: Usually has an ornate dagger with red inlay at her hip, or if not a dagger then a tome of some kind. If you don't feel like drawing a weapon, that's cool too :D

Personality: Haughty as hell. Stuck up, snotty, etc

ilu Kelzack ⊙ω⊙
Character name: Avaruu (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/moon-guard/Avaruu/simple)

Character Race: Draenei

Age: ~21000 (probably best explained as about in the 30s or so)

Facial Structure: Strong features, especially the ridges of his nose/head.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: No hair really, just the sideburns. The tendrils are all pretty much just as they appear on the armory.

Hair Color: Very dark grayish blue.

Eye Color: Gold

Scars/Tattoos: No visible ones on the head.

Physical Build: Very similar to the typical male draenei model. He isn't a very chiseled muscular behemoth, though, simply 'toned' might be a better way to explain it. He still has the big puffy chest that male draenei are shown with.

Armor Type: Plate. If there's any choice in color scheme it's probably purpleish for the most part. Think Twilight's Hammer color scheme. I am totally okay if it's anything else though.

Weapon: Ideally a two-handed hammer with the Twilight's Hammer insignia.

Personality: A draenei who lost his faith and is filled with a loathing for pretty much everything. Cowardly, angsty, and with the brashness of a younger draenei who thinks all the others are beyond saving.
Character name: Lilidorena (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/moon-guard/Lilidorena/advanced)
Character Race: Blood elf

Age: 137 (Looks like someone in their late twenties or early thirties)

Facial Structure: soft features

Hair/Facial Hair Style: short and messy

Hair Color: light blonde

Eye Color: glowing green

Scars/Tattoos: none on her face

Physical Build: Like the blood elf model except a bit taller and a little bulkier

Armor Type: plate

Weapon: long sword

Personality: Self righteous and ruthless in battle.
Pretty please oh yes!

Character name: Alor D'Lyre

Character Race: Human

Age: 26

Facial Structure: Facial structure is very similar to this photo: http://tinyurl.com/9wwqr76 (She looks /very/ impish, usually like she is cooking up some sort of plot ... harmless or otherwise, so there is usually a smirk present).

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Long, full of body, some curling at the ends. Again similar to the above photo.

Hair Color: Black.

Eye Color: The exact same blue as her IG model.

Scars/Tattoos: No visible scarring or tattoos.

Physical Build: About 5'6, fairly skinny with some muscular tone while still remaining feminine.

Armor Type: Cloth.

Weapon: Something similar to the Crystalheart Pulse-Staff or a "feminine" dagger with an off-hand that likely would have little to do with combat (re: fan, vial, etc). Or no weapon at all.

Personality: Fiery. Impish. Mischievous. She's a bit of a tease in all situations.

Pretty please request: Alor wears a small silver bracelet with crimson gems and on her left ring finger, a very dainty ring with Azerothian diamonds and garnets. If you choose my character, including these would make me so very very very very happy. :D

Character name: Praxos Shadowtear

Character race: Forsaken

Age: 34 - Undead

Facial structure: Narrow in structure. He's usually wearing a smirk or a glare. Take your pick!

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Long and black. He's usually wearing a wizard hat.

Eye color: Yellow.

Scars/Tattoos: Rotted cheeks.

Physical Build: Think skinny, but not anorexic. A little on the short side.

Armor type: Cloth.

Weapon: A staff with a skull at it's head. (Headmaster's Charge)

Personallity: Sarcastic - Probably a little bit maniacal.
Character name: Valtar Tanari

Character Race: Human/Worgen (Would like this to be focused on Human form, but hey, feel free to get creative with it :3)

Age: Twenty-something. I’d say anywhere from 25-27

Facial Structure: Angular features, defined face.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Brown hair tied back in a long pony tail while two locks descend from either side of his face (That basic human style with the plain ponytail and the bit of hair in the front. Not the crazy spiked/defies gravity ponytail).

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Scars/Tattoos: None

Physical Build: Slim, built like a swordsman at best. He isn’t one for physical fighting so he isn’t exactly rippling muscles by any means but I definitely would not say he is fat.

Armor Type: Cloth, honestly he tends to wear normal clothing but do whatever you’d like man!

Weapon: If you could leave him unarmed and maybe with magic of some kind in one hand, that’d be cool! Otherwise, a dagger.

Personality: Valtar is the kind’ve guy who has a quick wit, but is manipulative in a way. For instance, most times he will attempt to avoid any sort of combat but will instead, attempt to manipulate others against the person. The word is on the tip of my tongue as to how to describe it, but i’m sure- cunning. Yep, thats it.

If this goes through *looks up at forum* next week, thanks so much man! :D
Character name: Augustin

Race: Human

Age: Looks like he's in his late 20's

Facial Structure: Sharp features, high cheekbones, pointed chin, small nose, thin lips

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Hair is usually bound back in a loose, medium length ponytail. Has a meticulously trimmed goatee.

Eye color: Emerald

Hair Color: Black

Scars/Tattoos: None

Physical build: Pretty slim. He's not puny, but he definitely doesn't have the build of a swordsman.

Armor type: Cloth

Weapon: Either a longsword or a staff, your pick.

Personality: Intelligent, callous, and arrogant as all hell.
Character name: Selphius Fiercestar

Character Race: Blood elf

Age: Middle-aged, and looks about thirty years old.

Facial Structure: High cheek bones, and defined like a typical blood elf! His facial features are very rugged and coarse, with a strong jaw.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: His hair is tied into a ponytail in a nonchalantly manner. Usually shaven or five o'clock shadow.

Hair Color: Golden blonde

Eye Color: Green

Skin tone: Tawny

Scars/Tattoos: A crescent-shaped scar runs its course across the left side of his face, sloping from his forehead to his cheek, only to curve towards his chin. Deeply engraved in his leather skin. No tattoos.

Physical Build: Average height, broad shoulders and a lean frame.

Armor Type: Plate

Weapon: Greatsword of the Sin'dorei!

Personality: Very grim and resolute. A stalwart patriot!


I like your work!
http://fav.me/d5tpt5i - Catharinn
Character name: Kyssandrith

Character Race: Kaldorei

Age: Would be around 21.

Facial Structure: I'm not sure exactly how to describe it...sort of like this: http://www.myselfanand.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/25-Beautiful-Female-Faces-113.jpg but a little more angular, and with a little more age. How would you describe it? :3

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Straight, shoulder-length hair

Hair Color: Dark purple.

Eye Color: Amber

Scars/Tattoos: Reddish-purple tattoos across her eyes/cheeks/forehead in the same of claw-marks (much like those on her regular model); two non-perpendicular long scars across her left shoulder, and fainter scars of puncture marks from a core hound across her back/stomach where it bit her (although she's not likely to show this part of her body :P)

Physical Build: Tall, somewhat lanky, but muscular. Muscles are shaped more like you'd imagine for a runner's build, but she's also got some nice-sized arms and shoulders.

Armor Type: [Cloth/Leather/Mail/Plate] Leather

Weapon: Staff, or possibly spear.

Personality: Usually rather serious and a soldier at heart; favors her cat form other others. Tends to be "proper," but is also generally open to other people and ideas.
02/03/2013 11:02 AMPosted by Salrok
http://fav.me/d5tpt5i - Catharinn

oh my goddddddddddd

thank you so much!
Character name: Fallkoen Moonshadow

Character Race: Night Elf

Age: Mid twenties or early thirties. Probably 30 to hid a median.

Facial Structure: Somewhat long face, tall nose (but not all too pointy). Semi-narrow head. His ears are similar to the ones on the model, concerning their angle.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Long hair. Wavy and kind of thick, but not like "OMG LOOK AT DAT BODY" thick. Wholesome thickness? Beard's kept trimmed, but it's naturally thick. Standard beard.

Hair Color: Dark blue.

Eye Color: Silver.

Scars/Tattoos: Body's littered with scars, lot of slashes and such along his arms and chest. Amount visible depends on how you draw the clothing/armor. Most prominent scar is one running down the right side of his face, down through his and and a little past his bottom lip. (Mary-Sue scar, lolololol)

Physical Build: Lean, toned muscle. Very much in shape. For a reference, think of how in shape Nightwing is from DC comics. (Reference: http://images.wikia.com/marvel_dc/images/2/2b/Nightwing_0085.jpg)

Armor Type: Dark/gray leather and furs. Quilted leather and filigree would fit the NE motif. I trust you to have fun with it however you like. :)

Weapon: 1H swords and Wolverine-esk claws on the gloves (all of the comic book references). Swords should be curved. Straight swords are a no no.

Personality: Very abrasive, generally aloof to most people but easy to get on the bad side of. Very dedicated to whatever hunt he has himself on at the time, but always means well in what he does. General expression normally looks a bit displeased.
Character name: Khundrig Ironbrow

Character Race: Dwarf

Age: ~30 in human terms

Facial Structure: Strong nose and brow, rest of face hidden by beard and goggles

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Straight hair about shoulder length, with the top part pulled back in a tail. The beard comes to just above his waist with a long moustache that reaches down just as far.

Hair Color: Brown with hints of red

Eye Color: Green (he wears goggles, but you're free to have them pushed up on his forehead if you like)

Skin Tone: Tanned (he prefers to be outdoors when possible)

Scars/Tattoos: None

Physical Build: Athletic build (for a dwarf), decent muscle tone

Armor Type: Leather (some parts as hardened leather would be cool)

Weapon: Rifle with a scope on it

Personality: Fairly stoic. Doesn't talk much; annoyed by useless chatter. Prefers being outdoors, hunting whenever possible. Hunts beasts and his enemies with the same focus and dispassion.

Character name: Shirexia

Character Race: Blood elf.

Age: Appears in her early to mid-thirties.

Facial Structure: Strong, defined jaw, thin lips, sharp chin.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Long, loose-spilling curls, the occasional wayward ringlet stubbornly framing her cheekbones.

Hair Color: Obsidian, highlighting a dark purple in certain lights.

Eye Color: Green, elfy glow.

Skin Tone: Creamy, pale but not entirely lacking in pigment.

Scars/Tattoos: None visible unless she decides to go streaking.

Physical Build: Tall, athletic. Little to boast about in the bust and waist department, muscular arms and legs.

Armor Type: Usually prefers leather in combat, slaps on a little chain if needed.

Weapon: Daggers.

Personality: Aloof, terse, judgmental. Often sporting a scowl or disinterested expression.
http://fav.me/d5tr9hm - Evaniel
Character name: Vythriana

Character Race: Blood Elf
Age: 25-ish

Facial Structure: http://tinyurl.com/cl52kta

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Long, black curls.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Fel-green

Skin Tone: Marble as hell

Scars/Tattoos: None

Physical Build: Curvy, wide hips and ample breast area.

Armor Type: Cloth. Don't forget the four Verdant Spheres!

Weapon: Javelin (Spear) of fire, or if that's too boring she also uses a Pureblood Firehawk ICly.

Personality: Stoic and unwavering in a disinterested silence portrayed to all who observe. Chaotic Neutral with stuck-up regality and sense of self-worth. Not at all afraid of getting her hands dirty and would rather tend to issues personally than have someone else see to them.
Vythriana's posture is incredibly imperial, with a straight back and squared shoulders. Her gaze sets upon others as if they were lesser subjects, boring into them relentlessly. The fragile jawline of the Imperatrix is set in a tense fashion, the four Verdant Spheres about her echoing the green ferocity of her eyes.
Loving that style. Here's hoping you'll have occasion to do my character in the next few weeks. I've had two intended artists back out of a commission on me in a row so this would be a nice treat!

Character name: Vex

Character Race: Sin'dorei

Age: Early twenties.

Facial Structure: Soft and young. A rounded face with a faintly defined, elegant jawline, smallish features and sharp, light red lips, not too full or thin. For reference, something very similar this: http://tinyurl.com/apyrh2p Also to keep in mind is her ears sit up straighter, more like a male blood elf's. Just a little physical quirk.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: A bit past her chest, very straight with some body and a few uneven layers, parted to her right and pretty much always worn down.

Hair Color: http://i50.tinypic.com/2vua8ur.jpg

Eye Color: Very bright green, glowy. May have faint traces of dark circles under them.

Skin Tone: Fair with a bit of color.

Scars/Tattoos: Neither, though she has a small black beauty mark on the top of her right cheekbone.

Physical Build: Slender, subtly muscled for agility. Well-proportioned but definitely a bit on the thin side. Is some times prone to bad posture when she doesn't feel like keeping up appearances, but is absolutely capable of holding herself in a regal manner.

Armor Type: Leathers, occasionally with some cloth/a tabard, as she prefers to be as light as possible. Most common outfit would appear as shown on my avatar, provided it changes by the time you look at this.

Weapon: Her main weapon is a single warglaive, but any manner of sinister-looking dual daggers can also work if you want to get creative.

Personality: Sadistic, underhanded, and mischievous. The world is her playground and everything involved, a game to be won. She is rarely seen without some manner of smirk on her face. Or a cigarette in her hand.

Environmental stuff: Since requested, I'm adding this in too. Rooftops, dead tree branches, she likes to perch up high if she can. Her usual areas of preference are sparsely-populated ones. The ruins of Lordaeron are a good example, or those of the Scarlet Enclave.

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