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Moon Guard
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Character name: Edyrem

Character Race: Draenei

Age: Over 25,000

Facial Structure: Fairly soft, unmarred, and angular.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: <----- Exactly as it looks over there. She always keeps it in a long ponytail, down to around her shoulderblades.

Hair Color: White.

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Tone: Also blue. On the lighter side.

Scars/Tattoos: None that would be visible if clothed.

Physical Build: Tall (For a Draenei) and athletic.

Armor Type: Cloth

Weapon: If she were to use a weapon, she'd stick to a staff, as she is a priestess.

Personality: Edyrem is generally extremely kind to the point of ridiculousness, almost always wearing a smile, and always trying to be polite and optimistic.
Character name: Aranwen Ravenheart
Character Race: Worgen

Age: 25

Facial Structure: cheery and soft looking.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Her fur is often cleaned and combed, and her mane is quite long going to to the center of her back, with her bangs doing a bit of an emosweep going over her left eye.

Hair Color: Eye Color: Green

Skin Tone: Assuming this will have to do with the fur, her fur color is a light brown color apart from the tip of the snout which is lighter white almost.

Scars/Tattoos: None that are visible at the moment.

Physical Build: She is quite fit. As far a Female Worgen goes, pretty much how it shows in her armory.

Armor Type: Seeing as you don't draw the actual armor from wow, I would assume it would be something Battle Mage looking, like a thin plate or something along that sort. Though I would like to see a Gilnean tabard, but that's your choice.

Weapon: Staff in one and a sword in the other.

Personality: She can often be sarcastic, Determined but majority of the time she is quite cheery. Often showing off her teeth with a toothy grin.

Here is a small reference of another piece drawn by Ninwyn. Tinyurl.com/Aranwenart
Character name: Kalvive Powers

Character Race: Human/Worgen

Age: 22

Facial Structure: Fairly young looking, small and rounded chin, and a pointed nose, not curved up or down. A small gap between her upper front teeth if it comes up.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Long, partially obscuring right forehead, framing her face.

Hair Color: Chestnut

Eye Color: Blue with yellow around pupil.

Skin Tone: Fairly light.

Scars/Tattoos: None

Physical Build: Fairly average height (for a woman, I think she's about the same height as Velgim if you want to use that as a point of reference), a modest amount of muscle,and otherwise somewhat slender.

Armor Type: Plate

Weapon: Either a broadsword and shield, throwing axe, or throwing dagger would make sense.

Personality: Determined, energetic, dutiful.
Character name: Skullcrusha

Character Race: Orc

Age: 62 (old in human as well)

Facial Structure: Strong features, angled. Kind of looks like a gorilla. right half of face is skeletal. left half cut at edge of mouth like joker.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Large, wild mutton chops, long hair, two braided strands.

Hair Color: grey/white

Eye Color: left eye only, bright blue of a Death Knight

Skin Tone: decayed brown

Scars/Tattoos: scar covered. Go wild. Right eye has an eyepatch over empty socket.

Physical Build: Bulky, muscular.

Armor Type: Plate. Red please.

Weapon: two handed axe. Looks corroded, yet sharp. deep red.

Personality: Maniacal and insane. A bit cruel. Uncaring of others. Will use others as a meat shield.
Ermagerd. Your work is amazing!

Character name: Radeith

Character Race: Night elf

Age: Appears late 30s in human standards

Facial Structure: Narrow/Gaunt with a particular sunken element.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Loose, however meticulous in keeping it straight/perfect.

Hair Color: Dull white.

Eye Color: Dimly glowing silver.

Skin Tone: Pale, would be closer to an off white.

Scars/Tattoos: Missing her right ear, scar horizontal across her throat.

Physical Build: Dangerously underweight. She has been described as near skeletal.

Armor Type: Cloth.

Weapon: Staff similar in appearance to Anathema. Bladed at one end with a dark crystal centered between them. (as per the model)

Personality: Best described as psychopathic in nature, the elf lacks any care towards the effects of her actions to others and will always be firmly of belief that she is superior to any others. Her motives center around her obsession with Yogg'Saron and the belief that she will be the one to herald His return. Her interests include keeping interesting organs in jars, obsessive documentation on how creatures work (and the ideal method of making them not work) and long walks in Duskwood.
Character name: Val'nosh Trynaklei

Character Race: Half-Orc/Half-Draenei

Age: Equivalent of an 18 year old human

Facial Structure: Boyish, but still obviously masculine - he has tusks and a more orcish nose (http://fav.me/d5tftuz for an example, that's his brother, but it's the best close-up I have)

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Horns, forehead crest with bony plates stretches back across the top of his head, hair is tied back in a tight ponytail; no facial hair, but he has two tendrils on his chin that he can move around :3

Hair Color: Chestnut brown

Eye Color: blue and glowy, like all draenei

Skin Tone: Slate grey, not blue!

Scars/Tattoos: He has a tattoo of a waterfall that starts on his forehead crest, then splits at the bridge of his nose, with the "water" flowing along his cheeks and ending at his jaw line

Physical Build: Relatively muscular, but not quite as buff as the Draenei character model

Armor Type: Mail

Weapon: Axe

Personality: Kind-hearted and caring, normally a bit shy but he can get very loud and boistrous at times

As an aside, I would love you forever if you'd be willing to draw Trynaklei and his twin brother Saranklei together, but I understand if this would be a bit too big a task. If you'd be up for it, let me know and I'll give you Saran's info. ^^
Character name: Malkazar Dusklotus

Character Race: Night Elf

Age: Late thirties by human standards

Facial Structure: Stiff as stone

Hair/Facial Hair Style: His hair is long and, much like his sideburns and beard, unkempt.

Hair Color: Dingy black, like old soot on a tree

Eye Color: A tried, glowing blue

Skin Tone: In life his skin was blue as the sky on a cloudless day, but that richness is decayed and turned into a almost white and purple concoction.

Scars/Tattoos: Strangely, none.

Physical Build:The hulking mass of muscle that was once his has changed. While he is still physically imposing, his resurrection has robbed him of that precious matter that fills out most living beings.When armor less, however muscular, he gives off the appearance of an emaciated corpse.

Armor Type: Plate

Weapon: He prefers to dual wield axes.

Personality: Thousands of years of night elf patriotism, distilled through the filter of necromantic rage. In life he struggled to hold back is fury, now to hunts with the cunning of a panther.
Character name: Cladriah Felweaver

Character Race: Human

Age: 24

Facial Structure: Soft

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Long straight hair, no facial hair

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Scars/Tattoos: None

Physical Build: Slim, but with some muscle. Tall

Armor Type: Cloth, but Blue and white if you can.

Weapon: Apostle of Argus

Personality: Always happy, always smiling.
Character name: Altaiea

Character Race: Draenei

Age: uh. a real good-lookin' 30-year-old woman, if she were to be a hooman.

Facial Structure: high cheekbones, pointed chin, full lips, and uh. necktacles. also that neat little thing on the forehead.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: her hairstyle is more or less what's on the character herself, aside from the fact that it's long enough in the back to go down her back to just before a strand touches her tail's base.

Hair Color: also true to the character, brown.

Eye Color: (not true to the model) green

Skin Tone: lavender~

Scars/Tattoos: shrapnel scars along the entire right side of her body--including arms--from ankle to the middle of her neck, unlikely that all of them would be seen; faded, for the most part, but since there's so many they tend to cross over one another

Physical Build: you know those women who go to the gym often, have a six pack and pretty damn well defined muscles, yet keep their womanly form? yeah kind of like that

Armor Type: PLATE. or leather, whichever you feel more like doing.

Weapon: either a pair of greatswords, or two fist weapons; Fist of the Deity if you've seen that shiny, shiny item.

Personality: She's a pretty happy sort, for the most part; quick to laugh, quick to smile, and highly unlikely to start flinging insults at random. Enjoys the good fights, and she's sure to try and be the damn best there is so that there's absolutely no risk of leaving her children motherless.
Get back here, thread.
Character name: Qerrathien

Character Race: Highborne

Age: Matronly (Uh, roughly born before the sundering in secrecy.)

Facial Structure: Aquiline, or angular. Sharp cheekbones, well defined jawline, model styled brow. Full lips and eyelashes. One ear is shorter than the other (Right side), with obvious humaniod teeth marks that indicate how it was shortened.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Wavy long hair, middle of her back in length. Has a few small braids with feathers and semi-precious stone beads in the "bangs".

Hair Color: Midnight blue with two solid bands of silver locks, one on each side of her head in the front of the crown of her skull.

Eye Color: Silver with flecks of arcane blue.

Skin Tone: Very soft violet, almost ashen in hue.

Scars/Tattoos: One at the base of her throat, visible if no neck protection is adorned. Shaped in a crescent just above the cup of her collar bone. Scar is about three to four inches in length from point to point.

Additional Note: This character does in fact wear a steam-driven knee augmentation brace, designed and implemented by an engineer friend of hers. It's worn only on her right knee and encompasses from the top of her knee joint, to the middle of her calf. It might be visible through armor and clothing due to it's unsightly design. (And no, this is not a plea for healers to come running, she's been handling that crippled state quite well for the past few years.)

Physical Build: (Oops, forgot this part!) Full figured with slightly broader shoulders than the atypical night elf female, somewhat squat in height, about 6' even. Heavily maintained tone in limbs and trunk, as well as torso but starting to gain weight around the hips and waist area again. No overly exaggerated features besides the elven ears and brows.

Armor Type: Mix between leather, and chain mail. She prefers blue and gold, but is apt to wear snowy hues, creams and deep violets on a whim.

Weapon: Mace, Gavel of Peroth'arn and Shield, your choice on what would match best. (Have fun with it, I can never find anything to match that mace and I do so love the nelfy element of it.)

Personality: Qerrathien is not what you would call the usual highborne, she had long divested herself of the arcane in pursuit to please a former mate, and resolved to remain without the ties to her ancestry. She is without a doubt, devoted to the Moon Mother, but refuses to return to the homelands, seeing reason in Tyrande's orders to assist the Alliance. She is a mother of three, in the early stages of her fourth pregnancy and has once again slowed down with her progress in the foreign territories to focus on her family. This highborne is a known figure, if not for her achievements in the past as a tactician but as a commanding officer within the Sentinels branch that had long been sent back to the homelands in retirement. Her demeanor is often referred to as "chilled" or "stern" but it is not that difficult to make her smile and laugh. While there are some that might call her popular, she likes to remain "below the radar", the spotlight not her favorite place at all. She's soft spoken, but only needs to raise her voice when she wishes to say something of importance. Overall, a mother wrapped in steel, with a heart of gold and a temperament that melts easily with a little conversation.

Oh, and have fun with this one, I had a couple portraits done already but would love to see what your talents can create. ^^
Character name: Cassarian

Character Race: Human

Age: 24

Facial Structure: Delicate, soft.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Long loose red curls, about waist length.

Hair Color: Red with brown tones.

Eye Color: Blue-Green ((I've always used the colour of Thorium as a reference))

Skin Tone: Pale, rosy cheeks and a light smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose.

Scars/Tattoos: None

Physical Build: Slim, though slightly toned from wearing heavy plate all of the time; softly curved at the hips.

Armor Type: Plate

Weapon: Main hand; Kings Defender. Shield; Aegis of the Scarlet Commander

Personality: Acting Regent of the Scarlet Hammer; unusually kind given the history of the Scarlet Crusade. Diplomatic in nature though fiercely loyal to her people and her cause.
Totally put you on my DA watch list, by the way! I like how your style is developing. Has a comic book feel to it if you ask me, and I LOVE comic book style art.
I was drawing avaruu today. Still need to finish but it's looking bad so I decided to take a break. Rendering the video capture at the moment.
Character name: Aedannis Silversoul (Aedan 'Knight')

Character Race: Blood Elf

Age: 270+ (Looks to be early 30's.)

Facial Structure: Masculine, firm jawline.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Long, wild hair, most often pulled back out of his face so it doesn't get in the way. A short, pointed goatee on his chin.

Hair Color: Snow white

Eye Color: A glowing blue from the well of arcane magics he collects and wields.

Skin Tone: Pale skin

Scars/Tattoos: Numerous small cuts along his back and arms, and a large vertical scar over his heart. Black elven tattoos line his torso, arms, legs and neck, stopping short of his hands and feet, similar patterns like a Demon hunter, broad lines and sharp curves in the design.

The tattoos glow with light when Knight is affected with light magic.

Physical Build: Average Elf, strong enough to wear armor, but not so much a seasoned warrior as just an Arcanist that learned to incant in armor.

-- Has long, pointed black nails and fangs.

Armor Type: Cloth usually, but will wear armor in a battle. Typically relies on his spells to defend him, but likes the extra thick skin of armor to defend him from an unexpected attack on the battlefront.

Weapon: Typically a spell tome and a sword or ritual dagger.

Personality: (Keeping it short.) Knight is an Arcanist, having survived the numerous tragedies of his people, he's dedicated himself to furthering his knowledge of magic to every bit of the arcane he can get his hands on, using it to defend the elves and destroy their enemies. He is experienced and wise, And tends to keep quiet unless he has something important to say. Knight has been known to delve into any magic that he can control, nothing is too taboo for him to study and learn.

P.S. - Your art is pretty excellent, I'd love to see how it looks in a comic. Let me know if you'd like to theory craft or want some ideas for plot, I like to tell stories.
02/05/2013 10:30 AMPosted by Salrok
I was drawing avaruu today. Still need to finish but it's looking bad so I decided to take a break. Rendering the video capture at the moment.

Gonna quote myself here.

The video.

The picture should be posted soon.

Character name: Otodo

Character Race: Draenei

Age: 32,000 - Basically elder human.

Facial Structure: Strong jawline and cheekbones. Bulky torso.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Generally pulled back hair like his model is on armory, two long tendrils on his face.

Hair Color: Mostly white, shades of grey.

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Tone: White

Scars/Tattoos: Battle scars across most of his front and back torso, plus a scar down his neck on the from collarbone to ear. Various scars along his arms, any fashion will do.

Physical Build: Built. Vindicatot bulky and toned. He has a long tail like traditional artwork of Draenei. So basically butt to floor length tail.

Armor Type: Plate - Paladin T5 (Purple Crystal set)

Weapon: Shield - Alordi Legacy Defender and Sword - Bloodmaw Magus Blade

Personality: Kind, respectable, quiet, noble, but bold. He doesn't like attention drawn to him, so he is usually one of those who hangs out in the back. Like a silent bodyguard watching everything around him.
Hnnng I love it, thanks so much.

The saddest little draenei.
Character Name: Dothela Lindret

Character Race: Human

Character Age: 34

Facial Structure: Smooth and delicate.

Hair Style: Like it is here on the armory.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Tone: White

Physical build: Built.

Armor: Plate (Like the Overlord's Armor set she's currently wearing.
--On Right Shoulder Plate, there's a Lordaeron emblem (as seen on the tabard) pretty symmetrical to the shoulder plate armor piece.

Weapon: That of which she has on the armory. (Shield included)

Personality: She's kind to those who pose no threat towards her. She loves gambling and playing games of chance.
Character name: Ashenli Genltestout

Character Race: PANDA!

Age: 50 ish

Facial Structure: Round face, pudgy.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Jet black hair that is normally pulled up in a ponytail, but even then it threatens to drag the ground behind her. At the ponytail is a pair of throwing spikes.

Hair Color: Jet Black.

Eye Color: Crystal Blue

Skin Tone: Black and White.

Scars/Tattoos: None that would be seen

Physical Build: She's fat, though her armor does will in hiding the pudge. After all, she's a warrior, or should I say Wardancer.

Armor Type: Plate, though I do request the colors to be grey/silver with golden/yellow trim.

Weapon: A two handed sword, though it would be green with a cloud serpent etched into it inlaid with gold. Really, this sword is what she carries. Faded Forest Greatsword

Personality: She's a Master of a temple, caring and devoted to her students. Passionate about her teachings. Plus, a top notch Wardancer. yep.

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