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Since my game time is about to run out. I'm just gonna shamelessly post.

I am opening commissions. For a limited time only, 1 month game time = 1 full color full background image. If you need more info feel free to contact me in game or email me at kelzackmindus@live.com
Is that your email to gift time to you? I will gladly get you some.
E-mail sent. Definitely do want.
Bah, guess I was too late on this. :(
That's my universal email yes.

And Trynaklel you're not late. I still got til the 10th :X

Been testing stuff with my own character today. Probably won't finish it.

Character name: Raheya Dawncinders

Character Race: Sin'dorei

Age: No visible aging yet

Facial Structure: Sharp eyes, typically cocky

Hair/Facial Hair Style: I'm actually found of the rain slicked style.

Hair Color: Fiery auburn

Eye Color: Soft Fel-green

Skin Tone: Tanned, simple tones that mesh with her armor.

Scars/Tattoos: None.

Physical Build: Slender frame, yet slightly muscular arms/legs

Armor Type: Plate, risque yet still -somewhat- appropriate?

Weapon: Well the ideal weapon would be either what she's got now or the Sin'dorei Warblade

Personality: Rah is a rather self-confident person, unusually understanding for a Blood-Knight due to her prior heritage.
Character Name: Aeliren Chesterhill.

Character Race: Human.

Age: 29.

Facial Structure: Strong jaw, but his face still seems a bit like it's between young adult and old adult.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Keeps his hair roughly nose-short on his sides, and neck-lenght in the back of his head. Has a mustache and a small pinch.

Hair Color: Light Brown.

Eye Color: Brown.

Skin Tone: Pale, starting to tan a bit.

Scars/Tattoos: None.

Physical Build: Slightly smaller than average, but not usuallt noticible because he stands straight. Subtle muscles.

Armor Type: Dark blue/grey leather armor that matches his Gilneas tabard with a headband.

Weapons: A longsword (Widow Blade), a dagger (Razor Blade) and a pistol*.

Personality: On the outside, seems usually positive, looking on the bright side of life, but hides inside him the loss of two close family members, which he blames on himself. When he doesn't think about it, he's usually a nice, empathetic guy, though a bit reserved. Often grins, and he's a smoker.

*Pic of about what the pistol looks like: http://www.cherrys.com/pedpics/S358b.jpg

By the way, awesome art! I like it!
Character name: Wajinae

Character Race: Tauren!

Age: Middle aged. Around 45-50 human years.

Facial Structure: Average definition of jaw and so on. Plain/sad face.

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Tri-braid.

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Tone: gray and white

Scars/Tattoos: He is badly burned on his face.

Physical Build: Fairly built, but has a gut.

Armor Type:Mail

Weapon: Mace and Shield

Personality:Speaks his mind when he deems it fit. Easy going and enjoys a good joke.
Character name: Vallysia

Character Race: Blood elf (Rather she is rarely seen as anything but...)

Age: Young adult

Facial Structure: Delicate/Graceful/Noble

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Long and immaculately straight

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Skin Tone: Very pale

Scars/Tattoos: Extensive cursive tattoos visible along her arms and back (If exposed), looks Thalassian. No evident scars.

Physical Build: Slender and athletic, short.

Armor Type: Chainmail or leather

Weapon: She wields a bow (The Astral light bow, it's black and has a nice stabby spike for when people get up in her face)

Personality: Cruel/Manipulative/Self-serving. She's a black dragon, however due to the nature of being so, she remains well and truly in hiding. However, the race does assist in her personality in the sense that she's just plain malevolent.
Just so you guys don't worry. I'm still doing these. Probably going to be one drawing a day, the style might change though. Commissions are coming in and I have to focus on them.

Again don't worry I'm getting through the list. One character a day probably. Maybe more, but no promises on the "more". Keep posting characters and I'll get to them as soon as I can.
Character name: Jozzok

Character Race: Troll

Age: I would put him around 25-30 range.

Facial Structure: -Strong, however unneeded, explained later-

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Scruffy small Mohawk on top, and small tied beard (not very long, but enough to poke out)

Hair Color: Dark green.

Eye Color: Green, the gems in his mask are clear and glow. Its his eyes that make them that color.

Skin Tone: From a light blue / green on top to a medium ish green in the recesses.

Scars/Tattoos: Left tusk is damaged.

Physical Build: Similer to model, but more bulky.

Armor Type: Boneplate

Weapon: Any. His favorite is Saronite Mindcrusher though.

Personality: His entire warband got killed as a distraction for the orcs. He is as a result fairly bitter and mistrusting to non trolls. He also always wears his mask as a remembrance style thing, only taking it off in matters of great importance (or eating, but that is important to I guess).

((if your up for a challenge, Trolls in full armor would seem a hard thing to draw.))
Let me know if you are still going to do commissions hon, I have a few requests that I'll pay handsomely for :)
Salrok I was curious what -is- your commission fee? I have quite a few characters and depending on the cost might consider one or two. Vayasha would be cool but I have no clue what would look best in terms of weapons.

edit: My sub ends in 2hrs so I guess don't bother with mine. There are far more important people to do anyways, adios for now.
"Flops about" I was wondering what happened to this page.
Character name: Zitajie

Character Race: Troll

Age: 27

Facial Structure: http://oi47.tinypic.com/2lsidlg.jpg - A quick face/head ref i doodled one night

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Sort of a scruffy, scrappy mohawk.

Hair Color: Dark blue, almost black.

Eye Color: Jade Green

Skin Tone: Her skin is a richer, more saturated blue like most of the Drakkari people.

Scars/Tattoos: They're scattered all over her body, lots of ropy thick scars from battle, a bite scar on the back of her neck, her body is -covered- in tattoos but most of her body is covered by armor.

Physical Build: [What is your body type, don't be a no wrist human!]

Armor Type: Leather

Weapon: Blade of Unquenched Thirst

Personality: She's a scrappy, sort of rough and tumble sort of woman. You put a challenge in front of her? No matter -what- everyone else thinks, it's challenge accepted.
Can you draw me like one of your french girls?
Character name:Regg

Character Race: Human

Age: 30

Facial Structure: Square-jawed, quite a few light scars, that whole "hardened" look

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Short, brown hair and a full beard.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel, green/brown.

Skin Tone: Lightly tanned.

Scars/Tattoos: A nick near his left eyebrow, a horizontal scar across his right cheek, a vertical scar along the right side of his jaw.

Physical Build: Tall, broad-shouldered, and muscular.

Armor Type: Plate

Weapon: Greatsword, preferably X'caliboar

Personality: Angry, reckless, brash. Regg thinks the best way to fight is to charge at the enemy roaring battle-cries and garbled words of prayer. Not much of a righteous paladin.
Figured I may as well. I like seeing other peoples' art and wouldn't mind one day having a sketch of my toons that I have yet to sketch.

Character name: Oberila Ironheart

Character Race: Human

Age: 25

Facial Structure: Strong, avian features (wide eyes, slightly hooked nose, rounded chin)

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Thick, straight hair that is generally tossed to one side, reaches the base of her shoulder blades.

Hair Color: Ebony

Eye Color: Ocher

Skin Tone: Lightly tanned skin with sparse freckling. Looks kind of like ages porcelain.

Scars/Tattoos: A long scar that follows her jaw-line on the right side of her face, going down from her side-burn to her jaw then shifting direction from jaw to chin.

Physical Build: She's a woman of a stockier build, having an almost orcish physique.

Armor Type: Plate.

Weapon: Two handed axes and maces, though she prefers weapons that have the general look and feel of Edge of Ruin/Colossal Skull-Clad Reaver.

Personality: Brusque, to put it simply. When not around the few people she trusts, she's seen as a cold and calculating individual. Friendliness won't keep you alive long on the battlefield, she's learned. She's has a Thoras Trollbane feel to her in that she tries only to speak when needed and lets her actions speak for her instead.
Ok! I'm back!

Been testing some stuff. Hopefully all these characters posted in the thread will help me experiment.

I want to say most of the newer drawings with be a various style as I test technique and other stuff. Result will vary at this point.

http://fav.me/d5z3qjh - Lilidorena

http://fav.me/d5z0qtq - Raylah

EDIT: Updated the OP!
Character name: Ghaghzull Thraka

Character Race: Orc

Age: 31

Facial Structure: wrinkles with mug look

Hair/Facial Hair Style: Braided hair style none on the chin.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Yellow

Skin Tone: Light green

Scars/Tattoos: right cheek and one on his left eye area. No tattoos.

Physical Build: heavy muscular

Armor Type: Plate

Weapon: Gorehowl type axe

Personality: Pride to his faction. easy going, and aggressive towards his enemies

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