4/16H 16/16N Guild Seeks Tank!

Hello Thrall,

We are looking to add a tank to our roster. Prefer non-Monk tank with 485ish ++ ilvl. Progression is not extremely important, however the ability to research fights and understand mechanics is. We provide all guild repairs and all potions to our raiders. We also make 300 food for you if you provide the veggies (we got the fish/ribs/etc).

Raid Schedule:
Tues - Thursday 9pm - Midnight EST

Alt Raid/2nd Team:
Fridays and/or Saturdays 9pm - Midnight (usually just does normal modes).

If you would like to hear more, please add battletag: Paticakes#1823 or meganin1987@yahoo.com to discuss.

Thank You!!
Bump for Tankies!
Bump for 5 Heroics..... and recruitment!

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