2 Lost brothers in search of a new home

Hey everyone!

I'm Oddrew and I am getting ready to transfer off a terrible server (Galakrond) and my brother and I have heard that Hyjal is a great server with good people and good action!

Our gear is quite mediocre right now as our old guild fell apart after Cata and we couldn't find a place after that. Does anyone know of any guilds that are welcoming to new players on the server? We are strongly considering Hyjal and from what I can tell from the forums, this seems like a good place.

We are looking for a good guild to get our feet wet with, and we are wondering if there are some PuG's available through trade/forum threads the odd time. Thanks a lot!

Oddrew & Oddtimez
Diablerie I know is working on doing some content with new raiders to get their feet wet per se, but Provisional Sin is always looking for new members to help build ourselves up to get more rosters. Feel free to look into us by messaging me in game or battle.tag (Rezy#1582)
Thanks for the shout out Rez. Diablerie is doing some MSV runs for alts and those wanting to see normal content. Right now that time is Tuesday at 9 with emphasis on non-clothies (an abundance of those currently looking to see content.) But honestly, we will try and make anything work that day.

Our main group in neck-deep in Garalon and we spend our sunday and monday raid nights on progression 8/16normal.

I would love to get a chance to chat...we like oddballs. Most of us tend to be a little strange.

Krenaa#1950 is my battletag if you want to shoot me a message
A lot of groups pug here. Most people are friendly on this server and will help you find the right fit. Welcome to Hyjal! :)
Remedy is looking at heading back into 25s if you're interested
Wed/Thurs 7-10 server
As long as you have raid awareness and can think on your feet, we dont mind the learning curve on fights!

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