Awesome Shaman Transmogs

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Hi fellow Shaman friends! Just wanted to see you all representing you're great transmog sets. Let's show them off!
I was a dumb !@# and bought a dagger instead of a mace...
I guess i am not the only one that doesn't like the s3/t6 shoulders :)

I have them, but I'm not too big on the appendages. They lack appealing composition *IMO!*
I don't like the t6 shoulders either. My healing set is t6 with the naxx tier shoulders (the blue bubble ones, whatever tier that is).

Firebug for elemental! Woo! Need to xmog the offhand, but you never see it anyway.
Looks way better in game.
#1 cute panda US
Challenge mode xmog helm is UGLY on a panda
I think mine is half decent looking
Mines meh, but I'm collecting three others right now >_>
Surprised noone else is rockin this.
Wish the helm was still in game.
I went for a set that looked like it fit my race's theme.

Also trying for but not sure which one I like more :P
Surprised noone else is rockin this.
Wish the helm was still in game.
...Hey there. Helmet is being brought back as a green item in 5.2...I think.
I personally love mine :) it all fits with being a goblin too. There's a nice tropical feel/color scheme to everything, and I'm glad I kept my LFR dagger around from DS because it ties everything together really nicely along with the shield.

also: there's an off-chance that I may be logged out in my pvp gear so just disregard that but I do like my pvp set as well
mine best

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