Awesome Shaman Transmogs

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still looking for a matching weapon :/
Just finished this one, But thinking of going back to shannox helm.
i will never not like the season 8 set
Looking for suggestions for a good weapon also, but any general tips would be welcome too (although I kind of want to stay with this top and this skirt)
I thought male orcs would've had the most to choose from transmog wise as they're the original shamans of this game. But I've had trouble finding a set to be entirely happy with so settled for a bit of mismatched pieces. I think that works best for shamans.
I am a fan of the simple red look with the big axe
Is this where i post my random tier fotm set?
I finally finished this transmog and I am SO happy. I've been farming the shield for almost a year.
My xmog is baller.
In case you were wondering Closing, this is how you pull of that hat =p.
I like mine. need some better gloves though
I started out trying to build around Rok'nah Wolfstalker's Helm and found these shoulders... the scaled armor that seemed to match... the gloves I just settled on since they'd be mostly covered by Big Bad Wolf's Paw anyway. The intent was that I'd eventually upgrade to maces and use Ice Spire Scepter and then probably look to replace the helm with something else to match the icy theme.

However, I did see a screenshot on wowhead of someone who had paired the Crown of Destruction with the shoulders and it made me race for my bank to check... NO; I didn't have the fist weapon I needed. Time to farm... took about 5 sets of resets to pick it up, but... worth it.

Tabard was an obvious choice.

So I named my pet Baby Ape (Peddlefeet looks too sinister) 'Heart' and now I embody all of the elements.

May change up the underlayer of chest/legs to something a bit more neutral in the future. Since it falls in line with the shoulders it definitely causes imbalance.

Unfortunately, the crown's flames don't display on the armory... causing even more of an imbalanced appearance. It's just something you'd have to imagine. It looks better live.
Still not sure about the chest/legs for this, but I definitely like the look of the shoulders, gloves and the staff together.
I 'm very glad I saved all my fist weapons, now that I got the new lfr caster fist weapon I actually have something that matches to xmog it to, also I really like shields even tho there are some cool off hand's now.
I just really like the look of a shield.
I like that staff Kapzug.
Can anyone recommend a fist weapon to go with my set?
I just need a new pair of shoulders and another axe for mine :)

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