Awesome Shaman Transmogs

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I can confidently say mine is awesome.
i love how my weps go with my tier set :D
gotta keep it real
Vengeful Gladiator Mail ftw. nuff said
How can anyone not rock the Cataclysm gear like me, go enhance with the Molten Fury weapons and you are the most badass looking toon to walk Azeroth
Mine is decent at, waiting on getting claw weap drop from Spiritbinder or Empress for the phoenix claw mog then this set will be complete. Also farming the Skyshatter set but dunno what weap skin im going to use with it.
hi check me out! classic shammie from the depths of earth!
I need a blue shield and weapon.
Not to bad Iam happy with mine atm
<- pretty stoned
Mine is the best
Surprised noone else is rockin this.
Wish the helm was still in game.

Tribal as!
I'd say mine is quite nice. (:
Red Fire Tauren. I win. and the best tabard ever created.
02/04/2013 02:14 PMPosted by Xanaxer
Challenge mode xmog helm is UGLY on a panda

You sir, are a terrorist and need to be put down.
02/04/2013 06:03 PMPosted by Keirganstine
I win of course. Though my normal weapons for transmog is the sm sheild and 1h hammer. So dont mind the staff its not staying long.

Crusader Solwolf wins, given the title and the Scarlet Tabard. You win on the boots, though.

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