Awesome Shaman Transmogs

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No matter what i always love and come back to this setup!
figured i would try the partial hunter look lol.
This right here, looks like a badass hunter.... but is just a badass looking weak !@# shaman
I'm missing shoulders and a wep, but I think mine looks pretty cool :)
Mine looks like garbage on the armory but better in game since the glowy bits match:
Some great T-mog sets here.
Been using this mog since 4.3, still love it!
Bleep bloop
Yellow and stuff...
my new mog! so many tier 6's in this thread xD good set just overused! mog hipster

Ive been called a mountain man,viking and Mongolian thus far with this mog :P
sledge, that is a pretty decent transmog, like it alot.
I like mine :)
It's as if I visited a thrift shop.
<--- Tyrannical and t10 Goes well together. ;)
I like mine I was thinking of getting the ulduar set but meh to lazy or the challenge mode set but meh

^ was hard too
I'm loving the subtle matchiness of this one. In fact, I might partially rip it off at some point cuz I'm always looking for mogs that go well with my challenge mode shoulders.

Wow, so evil! It's perfect. I've been eyeing that style of helm for a while.

Love that helm. Cool desaturated look with your draenei's skin.

The white streak in her hair gives new life to overused set. Well done.

You look like a crazy wild goblin! :)
This tabard was made for this set!
Finally got back to a shield with this set. Too bad the armory only shows the back of said shield.
Love that helm. Cool desaturated look with your draenei's skin.


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