Awesome Shaman Transmogs

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Still partial to the classic look
fist weapons are messed up in armory :(

I really miss the days when we could pose our guys
Green is my favorite color. I actually like this set. :-) I also like the tier 11 (10) shoulders, however the green is a little off. *shrug*
i like mine just cant find a helm that goes with it =(
My friend said, "You're a shaman, a tribal healer that brings comfort to the sick and injured. You should wear feathers and colorful talismans."

With an evil grin I replied, "Wrong, MF'er. I'm not that kind of shaman."
I finished this a little while ago, works pretty well for enhance.
They call me "The Big Orange" although i need to find a staff to xmog to oj haha.
i am sexy
best on east. im former nevada grandmaster starcraft champion
i dont think anyone even looks at anyone elses...haha they just wanna show of their look :P
Still have yet to see a shaman rockin old school like me :)

The shield looks way cooler but my character stance sucks!

Still have yet to find a decent one hand mace to mog this ugly thing...
Eh, I don't know if my transmog is good or not, but yeah, that's my set.
I've always been a fan of T-10 25 man for my Shaman.
02/05/2013 09:54 AMPosted by Tengri
How can anyone not rock the Cataclysm gear like me, go enhance with the Molten Fury weapons and you are the most badass looking toon to walk Azeroth
I think Cata looks best on Pandas... Of course this is just an opinion.

A set im working on
I know I know, the daggers are no good for Enh, BUT THEY LOOK SO COOL! (Until tuesday, get my pvp Fistweps with Bladefist transmog) :D
02/04/2013 12:15 PMPosted by Spectie
#1 cute panda US

not feelin it
Hi, my name is Diesel.
(haven't seen anyone using anything close to this, hope y'all like :))
Hi, my name is Diesel.
(haven't seen anyone using anything close to this, hope y'all like :))

Solid work!

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