Awesome Shaman Transmogs

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Didn't see any sets like mine, felt like posting.

I want the challenge mode shoulders and belt for this set but I just got my shaman to 90.

Edit: This set is still a WiP, the colors don't match up perfectly, but I really like it. I don't like how the fist weapons are backwards on my page though.
i got the best transmog right here!
Mine's not finished yet, but I like it.
I like mine...i fly around on my blue proto-drake
skyshatter with Shiver and THE BLAAAADEFIST WOOO.
hrm i figured i should add my own tmog to this thread
I'm a fan of this set, personally.
I am not done yet, still want to replace weapon+shield and maybe get the actual look alike chest.
Rawr! I killed hundreds of bugs in AQ40, and all I got was this lousy transmog...
Likr t6 but beter :-)
I have a few sets...This one is a fav
still need the staff from LT 10

Edit: Got it! Great Success
I use the Netherbane Axes for Enhance.
02/05/2013 10:44 AMPosted by Funkykenshin
I need a blue shield and weapon.

there is a blue/silver shield in shadow labs and a dagger from h magester's terrace
Not even possible to go wrong with a zebra-striped pimp hat :)
My friend said, "You're a shaman, a tribal healer that brings comfort to the sick and injured. You should wear feathers and colorful talismans."

With an evil grin I replied, "Wrong, MF'er. I'm not that kind of shaman."

You win.

All those mogs are random world drops.

How in the name of god did you get them all?

Can anyone say what mog this person is using on their shoulders? Tooltip says Erupting Volcanic Mantle but that doesn't appear to be correct.
Just finished my first Tmog set... starting to see what all the fuss is about, this could get addicting.

I'm in love with my shield, but sadly, it doesn't actually show up to other players in game when I take it off my back.
Try not to faint.

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