Raid Guild Transferring and Recruiting

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, my raiders on Deader-Than-Dead Anetheron are considering transfer to this server. We want to make sure we research all of our options before we spend $25 and lose the memories, alts, and friends on our home server. It's just not possible for us to recruit anymore to replace the great raiders we've lost.

We have a solid core that is as follows:
Amatsu, 492 Prot Paladin [Raid Leader].
Thrask, 485 Brew Monk.
Qatt, 491 Resto Druid [Healer Raid Assist].
Vantec, 490 Survival Hunter [DPS Raid Assist].
Cotilliôn, 492 Mut/Assasination Rogue.
Kañe, 493 Fire Mage.

We also have two part-time raiders who may come with us: Evilricky, 493 Arms Warrior and Shammashock, 491 Resto Shaman.

Our current progression is 6/6 Vaults, 3/6 HoF and 1/4 Terrace. Progression in the past month has been slowed to an almost stop due to the holidays, two core raiders quitting at the same time, military deployment, and reemployment, but we have no doubt that we would be progressed further if we didn't have to pug bads to replace our raiders. We have raiders who have been at it since Vanilla, and some who just started raiding in MoP, but I am proud to say we are a strong team of players who have just had an unlucky streak.

With that being said, we are either looking to join a guild that will accommodate us all (I know that’s wishful thinking!) or looking for players to join our ranks. We are a semi-casual bunch—we prioritize having fun :), but we have no patience for stupid and we do desire hard progression before 5.2 hits.

We are in need of the following ilvl 480+ players:
2 healers, one with viable DPS off-spec (preferred holy paly)
2 DPS that can pull on average 60k dps (preferred DK, warlock, or spriest)

Obviously, since we are squatting on Anetheron until research is conclusive, you can talk to me via battletag—ohmylordlyke#1256—to ask any questions, give internet hugs, etc. :D

TL;DR: 6/6 MSV 3/6 HoF 1/6 ToES recruiting 2 healers and 2 dps to hit progression hard starting ~2/15.
I'm interested. I just transferred to this server from Executus and really like it. It seems to be active with both 10 and 25 man progressive raiding. Let me know if you make the move!
Wish you guys the best of luck and hope this realm fills in the gaps you are needing to progress further. Don't let the trolls get to you.
welcome to sr
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02/07/2013 05:33 PMPosted by Ashyarrows
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no u
only ilvl 475 but i need a late night giuld I would definitely be interested if you raided around 11pm server or after

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