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I would like it very much if the definition of "likes walk-up" could be altered from "likes people to walk up and entertain me" to "likes to walk up and make RP happen."

What say you, Accordians? Is this something we can embrace? It would certainly mean fewer folks standing around waiting for somebody to put in the work for them.

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You have nailed a pet peeve of mine oh so eloquently, Mena. And I love you for it.
Used to have a rule that on a night spent RPing I had to RP with at least one new person.

Should start that again.
It might be easier to just clarify what kind of RP you are expecting when people walkup, or when you walkup. It would make better RP for everyone if we were all willing to put the effort into having a meaningful experience, but some are content with just having conversations about nothing too important.

For example, when I used to walk up RP, I would offer someone my business card and tell them to hit me up if they wanted a job done.

If I want something more meaningful, I turn to my guild. Or more specifically, my friends within the guild. Its sometimes easier to write with people who you know to be decent writers themselves and will contribute to RP you want to have happen.

My take, I guess.
How to encite someone to "walk up RP" with you, DO's and DON'Ts!

Stand silently and idle. Worse, don't sit silently and idle! You look AFK!

Passive emotes are a great way of letting others know you're at your keyboard, itching to RP with whoever is passing by at the time!

Rely on your MRP/TRP description to speak for you.

Include descriptors of your character and/or their surroundings. Even a half sentence with as simple a description as "/e looks angry!" can do wonders for baiting others to play with you. Similarly, your immediate environment can be made more compelling with something like: "/e sits admist a pile of crumpled and discarded balls of paper."

Wait for RP to happen.

Have an idea for what kind of scene you want to have and how you're going to get it!
Don't get me wrong, folks. I have zero problem walking up to a stranger and I'm not looking for advice.

I get terribly frustrated when I expend that effort only to have to hold up both ends of the conversation. It occurred to me that if we all looked at "likes walk-up" as "likes to walk-up" instead of "likes to receive walk-up" then there'd be more to go around.
I understand why a good number of people have "Love walk up RP" in their MRPs and I feel like people in this thread may be missing the point. These are folks who may or may not be shy trying to encourage other RPers that they will not bite if they approach them. It's to make other RPers feel like they would be welcomed and to alleviate pressure.

I compare everything to marketing because of my in real life job, I apologize, but this is really the same thing as marketing. You are advertising for other RPers to RP with you with the message.

What this message does NOT solve is assertiveness and initiative--probably the best ways to get RP, I have to agree.
And I am proposing a paradigm shift to address that, Rosalynnd.
I may be missing something here, but wouldnt you just put "likes to walkup to people" in your MRP?
When I'm looking to approach someone, however, there are things I'm looking for:

1.) Are you home or are you AFK?
If you look afk, I won't approach you. < AFK > tags are death to my attempts to walk up to you. Similarly, inactive characters standing in place are less desirable to try and start a scene. I'm more likely to try and speak to someone walking (hence walkup RP! :D)

2.) What kind of RPer are you?
Is your MRP / TRP filled out? What did you put in there and why? Did you take the time to try and spell and punctuate properly? Like many roleplayers, I have my preferences with the kind of RP I'm looking for and I use what people include in their descriptions and character sheets to help me find the most likely match to my own playstyle. Personally, I much prefer to see someone emoting, even to themselvesm rather than read a character bio. I'm much more likely to approach you after seeing what you can do. But taking the time to fill out a quick description; even just two or three sentences means a lot.

3.) Do you want to RP?
As much as I can stack the deck in my favour to getting a scene with you, nothing will happen if you don't want to RP with me. Worse, nothing will happen if you don't ~appear~ to want to RP with me. If I make some emotes in your direction and they aren't replied to in a timely manner, I won't stick around. Slow typers, do your best. I will stay put long enough to be reasonable, but if you're going to need more than four minutes to reply to an opening /nod, I might miss it.

I would prefer not to slip OOC when trying to figure these things out, so I look to what information players are passively and actively broadcasting to choose the person with whom I will try and start a scene. There are some tools provided and that help me out a lot.
I think I may be missing the intentions of this thread, perhaps due to pesky things such as not being able to detect tone and body language that real life conversation typically affords.

Is the intention of this thread to draw attention to a pet peeve of people with a 'Love walk up RP' tag not being initiative?

Or is the intention supposed to be something more positive?
I'm trying to be helpful and positive ...
I'm pointing out that if we all took a proactive approach to walk-up, then there would be more RP for everyone. There's no secret message, no cry for help. Just what's in the OP. I promise.
I think you are being helpful, Min, but your advice isnt what Philo is looking for.

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Guys, it's simple. Want walk-up RP? Do some up-walking. Once you have, do your part in the conversation.
Basically: if you love to have walk-up RP and have it in your MRP/RSP/what-have-you, then practice what you preach. Don't wait to let someone else come up and do it for you.

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