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Please see http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7909591172 for actual recruiting needs.
What days are you guys wanting to raid, like week days or weekends? I have a lot to do with getting gear. I just picked up the expansion thursday and hit 90 last night so if you guys dont mind helping with that, I dont mind dieing over and over if have to for progression. im 27 and engaged as well.
We're probably leaning to a couple days throughout the week. Most likely Tues/wednesday. I'll have to talk with Temp to see which days are going to be prime, but I would anticipate a Tuesday for sure because of lockout resets, blah, blah.

We wont mind helping with gear at all. Once we get a solid group running, we expect to jump up in the rankings here.
yeah thats what I had on my old server a group of 10 friends that just mowed stuff down. Then they all left and I came back lol. Well Im willing to jump in with you all if your willing to take me in. Ill be on tonight 5 cst. so 3 server time hit me up or have someone hit me up.
I love you
I want to be on you.

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