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Emerald Dream
Welcome to Tact and thanks for checking us out! Tact is a fresh reroll guild that will be located on the RP-PvP realm of Emerald Dream. We’ve chosen to roll on the Emerald Dream server because we feel that this will help to immerse us in any aspect of the game we want to play. Being on a PvP ruleset brings back the glory and honor (and the edge-of-your-seat feeling of knowing that any any moment some twelve-year-old may swing by and shamelessly gank you) that many of us remember from the old days when Hillsbrad was the PvP zone of choice. Also, having a role playing element to the server allows us to attract a more varied type of gamer. Our goal is to log on and always see people doing something. Whether it’s taking out alliance in Warsong Gulch, running Naxx 25 for transmog gear, or RPing...wherever it is that you do that stuff!

The primary goal of the guild will be to form genuine companionship whilst leveling and preparing to get involved in all aspects of the game. Many of our members have fond memories of their time learning World of Warcraft and being enamored with the simple things. We remember the game back when logging on to chat with friends was as rewarding as parsing high on meters. When you’d see that cave off in the distance and want to explore it instead of alt tabbing out to some World of Warcraft database and seeing what’s inside of it.

Our goal is to revive that feeling.

Our leveling process will be very structured in order to make sure that we are actually playing with one another. To this end we decided to disallow RaF for the first wave of rerollers and implement a few level caps throughout the process. To give you an idea of level caps:

First Cap - Level 60 - 3-4 days
Second Cap - Level 70 - 7-9 days
Third Cap - Level 80 - 7-9 days

Our current cap is level 60, and as we wait at this cap we plan on attempting to run Molten Core, AQ20, and perhaps even BWL. The goal isn’t to make you sit around and wait for the slower levelers, but instead to find ways to get involved that don’t necessarily advance your character. Many of us consider ourselves to be very quick levelers, so we intend on doing plenty of battlegrounds, working on achievements, leveling up professions, and helping others in lower-level dungeon runs (be reasonable here, if the higher-ups did it without being carried, so can you!). We'd rather see 15 people between levels 30 and 40 than see 7 people at 20 and 8 people at level 60. We want people to not feel rushed to level, but rather to have them want to do things at a more reasonable pace!

Tact will primarily be a raiding guild and thus most of our goals will be centered around progression and boss kills. We will most likely form up a 10man raid or two, but many of our members prefer to participate in the 25man raiding scene if we can swing it. Upon reaching level 90 we plan on running many guild heroics and battlegrounds to gear ourselves up to participate in the LFR. Plan on getting into raiding content as soon as possible, so long as tanks aren’t being one-shot and healers aren’t oom at 80% boss health.

Our raiding schedule will be Tuesday, and Thursday starting at 9:00pm (EST) and going until 1:00am (EST). We ask that you sign on by 8:45pm to be ready for pulling trash at 9:00pm. This is a four hour raid night, which can be a little daunting. The reason we’ve decided to condense our raiding from 3 nights to 2 nights is to help us maintain a social life. We feel the less nights you have to be on for a raid, the more productivity you can have in your real life (or more nights you can spend doing raids on your alts, for those of you more hardcore than us!). This also allows us to schedule RBGs without asking our members to sign on four nights a week.

Rated Battlegrounds
Monday will be our guaranteed RBG night. Our RBGs will start at 7pm and continue on for 2-3 hours (until we’ve had our fill). RBGs won’t be the primary focus of the guild, but many of us really want to participate in them and none of us are content with being sub-par. If you are excited about participating in RBGs we’d love to hear from you.

If interested, hop over to Tact.guildlaunch.com and fill out an application. After filling out an application feel free to introduce yourself on the forums.

Thanks for your interest! We hope to hear from you soon!
02/04/2013 11:51 AMPosted by Baelrov
We remember the game back when logging on to chat with friends was as rewarding as parsing high on meters. When you’d see that cave off in the distance and want to explore it instead of alt tabbing out to some World of Warcraft database and seeing what’s inside of it.


I don't raid, and I'm in a guild I love, but y'all sound like you've got a terrific attitude and are going to have a lot of fun! I wish you all best with your guild, and maybe I'll see some of y'all out exploring. :)
Good luck to you; ED is an old and (by comparison to others I could name!) respected server. There are definitely some fine 25-man guilds around, though not many. We would welcome the competition.

Good luck to you.
Title says [A] but then you write
02/04/2013 11:51 AMPosted by Baelrov
taking out alliance in Warsong Gulch
. Are you guys A or H?
It's an alliance reroll! That was just a typo haha.
I honestly wish you guys the best of luck. It's good to see more Alliance here. That being said, I do want to warn you in advance that the Alliance on ED are not known for their raiders. Filling 1 slot in a 10m group can sometimes take a week or more. Most raiders are already in guilds and aren't going to budge for anything.

Believe me when I say this. You're in for an up-hill battle. Don't get discouraged though, and plow through. You never know who you could find. Reach out to the Alliance guilds here if you need some help or people to fill slots. I know many of us have alts we sit on with nothing to do!

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