Grand Empress: 1 add phase = dps?

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Any 10 man (regular) guilds out there have logs with a kill of Empress where you only get 1 add phase?

I did the math but it seems low.
70% of 196M heatlh, over 5 (150 seconds * 2) mins with 5 dps... I got 60K avg sustained.
Felt light to me.

Anyone got the number?
Here is our latest kill:

We get her down to about 60% before the add phase starts (with no lust).
Don't forget about tank dps... so divide that by 6 (assume both tank add up to a dps-er)... but ya, it's very light...
Looks like we will be on par for this.
This is the first reset week on her.
Last week we cleared Ambershaper, and just messed around on Empress (working with the Fields and debuffs).

We usually get her sub 50%, and lust so we only get one round of Dissonance fields before the 30% transition.

Never, ever, ever, had a second add phase.
fwiw, be aware that the priority is retreat > phase transition - once she's below about 4-5 energy, she will retreat even if you push her sub 30%.

The things you learn when you try to 0 phase her, heh.
The things you learn when you try to 0 phase her, heh.

lol... yeah baby steps ;p
There's also the green AIDS debuff the tanks get to increase your dps in the "second" phase 1 by a significant amount, because a certain tank likes to force transitions quicker due to reckless-bursting all the windblades in 8 seconds.
It's all about killing most of the adds, but keeping enough up not to push phase.

I heal the fight so I'm locked in on vhodu most of the time. For one add phase we pop hero as she comes right out of that first add phase.

Be on your !@#$ when it comes to making traps. Demo locks and hunters are good at that. Resto Druids following the initial damage of adds are good to. Designate a marker so you know where to drop them. That way your not running around with your heads cut off.
Don't forget after the add phase your tank should be spreading the poison buff to people, so the DPS check for 1 add phase is even easier

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