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I am trying to figure out ways to get my guild more active in the arts of pvp. Maybe some world pvp events would do both the horde and alliance some good?, I need some Ideas, any will do, Maybe a small town raid, where we call out the ally for some good pvp fun, like a world battleground, so as the old tauren mill/southshore shenagians? Please post below on some ideas. Would be fun to see more pvp going on, and all friendly competitions!!

This can be a tricky subject. Let me lend you what knowledge I've garnered.

Do set up PvP events in advance. Give them a story reason (it doesn't have to be anything deeper than "rawr, Horde attacking stuff," but it does tend to help to have something neat going on that people can get invested in). Give them plenty of advance warning.

Do police your events. Identify troublemakers and sever them from your event. Insist on politeness and common respect. Make an effort to ensure people that they can come to your events without being harassed, spit on, whatever.

Do accept your mistakes. Hectic events frequently make for a lot going on and you can't see everything. Someone's going to feel oppressed, someone's going to step out of line, someone's going to get angry. Make sure you identify what you can do to prevent that and remedy that.

Don't brag, gloat or act like a general putz. Threads like "Alliance town is under new management" or "we schooled you" are often thrown about with the idea that they're spurring competition. In reality, it just tells everyone that the person making them is an unpleasant person to PvP with and your guild will be ignored.

Don't suffer people to bring down your reputation. If one of your guild members or raid members is acting boorishly, it is on you to police them. Shrugging your shoulders and saying "I don't control them" or "they're just having fun" is going to make people view you as someone who associates with unpleasant people. It's a little unfair, but when the guild member causes a stink, it's the guild leader that gets hit.

Don't ignore the community. If people have complaints about your events, do your best to listen. You don't have to capitulate, but you need to make the effort to let people know that you're willing to amend things if it's proven unpleasant.

I think PvP on WrA is about 20% PvP and 80% politics. We have a lot of good times in PvP, but the community tends to react badly to the typical PvP "lolowned" behavior.
I think it could be fun, but I doubt I could participate since these things tend to be just piles of 90s =(

I also don't know why, but I would like vengeance for Camp Taurajo. Running through the Barrens and seeing that made me really wish I were on the Horde for a few minutes so I could put some arrows into the looters >_>
Aye this sounds, great. All I need is some events, So any ideas would be great, and aye, No more BSV bull crap. That wont fly anymore. and ima invite anyone who wishs to come. Just want to have fun on wow again, Just like I did in Vanilla
Giant Squids,

Find your favorite tavern in Stormwind, bring an equal number of healers and dps, and then invite the alliance into a battletag channel where you will host trivia night. Make sure to use WRA themed trivia like "WHO IS THE COOLEST PALADIN ON THE SERVER?" and everyone that doesn't answer "GHODFREY" loses all their points.

But seriously just do what Enekie said. I know it looked like I always completely ignored alliance feedback about my escapades in my home city but don't be like me, because I didn't even read the weekly @Ephie hate-a-thons Stormwind Embassy was turned into a Downton Abby RP guild by the game masters behind my back. And let me tell you: Professor McGonnigal is savage about who gets to use /o chat.

Oh yea you probably want to figure out who your audience is. Do you just want to do world pvp events like once a month that you have to drag your guild to? Or are there a lot of people in your guild that just do world pvp every night in Stormwind because I'm just the kind of woman that can only find significant others in a bar? Figuring out what kind of cats you gotta herd is the first step you need to take on a long blood-soaked beach of +3 smiting.

BTW it helps if you have some alliance on skype with you to kill horde that you don't like. One time in TBC 39 of my closest friends and I were attacking Ironforge for a couple hours and one horde wouldn't stop spamming ROCK YOU LIKE HURRICANE KATRINA, so we had to ask our alliance friends to bluewall->kill him to shut him up.

World Peace and Puppies,
Hahahahaha, Thanks Eph,Miss you, I hope they do come, I am trying to get my guildmates more into pvp. The gm and I have been wondering how to do it, Hoping it helps. If I could get more inputs, it'd be fantastic!
Giant Squids,

Well SWE just had people on every night that went to Stormwind, then we used a super secret patronus communication network to drag our friends along too. Here are some fun activities, I tried to include a wide range of participants (Sections A and L can be done with as few as three people, bring more for D and E.) You might enjoy doing some of the following:

a) Rob a bank! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlaRobSvSto

b) Tell the alliance to stop breaking the first rule of fight club. Which is to say, take a raid into the brawlers guild and do some real brawling.

c) Commandeer the alliance airship in Stormwind and take it to Cuba! Viva la revolucion!

d) Perform a silent auction. In the alliance auction house. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hav5B4DZBI8

e) Get on a boat. (Special pro tip, if you get your raid inside of the boat, especially in the back cabins it's much easier to handle.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjXwO2uPlXk

f) Perform a wedding in the Stormwind Cathedral, bonus points if you have someone play relevant parts of The Princess Bride!

g) Check out books from the Stormwind library.

h) Host speed-dating night at the Pig and Whistle--you can't let those silly level 58 death knights have all the fun.

i) Take your raid to the Stormwind target dummies to make sure that their dps is good.

j) Kill the King.

k) Pretend to kill the king, but actually go back into the Alterac Valley War Room and look at the BIG BOARD. All the alliance in the land will come to attack your raid thinking you're going to kill the king, when in fact you're just setting them up the bomb.

l) Camp the Stormwind graveyard. The alliance that fight you will rez at half health if you can survive the initial hell-surge. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN8eqEUZ_Xg

m) Hang out with the alliance flight master on that nice wooden padio. That place is great for thunderstorming off hundreds of alliance. Just watch out for that one draenei shaman that's blue walling!

n) There are two buildings in Stormwind that have news-anchor desks, one of them is in the dwarven district and the other is in the Cathedral district. Find them and FRAPS a weekly Wyrmrest Accord newscast. While under siege from those pesky alliance.

o) If your guild doesn't have the City Attacker achievement, run around Stormwind until you get it.

p) Strategically move on foot from district to district, this is my most favorite of activities especially when we've got tons of healers. The constant movement from LOS-point to choke-point to another LOS combines all the ingenuity of arenas with the unpredictability of Stormwind. Just keep someone on NPC watch to scout ahead.

q) TAKE OVER THE MAGE TOWER! THE LIGHTNINGHOOF RECORD IS LIKE THREE HOURS, TWENTY ONE MINUTES. I think the record on Wyrmrest Accord is like two hours something something minutes. Go for three!

r) Take over the basement in the Slaughtered Lamb's Inn, there are some very nice catacombs down there that you can LOS/choke with. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMc3w2rUkzY

s) Go into the Deeprun Tram, get your priests to spec into dominate mind, and "help" alliance get into the pit. Then kill the alliance. On vent you need to be chanting INTO THE PIT INTO THE PIT INTO THE PIT!

t) Dominate Mind the elite Stormwind guards, they can two-shot people like nobody's business, dismount enemy fliers, and throw nets.

u) Get elemental shamans and boomkins and role play as Quazimodo on top of the Cathedral or any other high structure. Maintain your status as king of the hill by thunderstorming everyone else off.


w) Put your healers on the balcony inside of the Alliance xmog building, melee and casters can chill out below them and bask in heals while protecting everyone above. Just watch out for smoke bombs : S

x) Have your guild turn traitor to the horde and report all their secret information to SI:7. Act flabbergasted when SI:7 attacks you do-gooders.

y) Race around the Cathedral on land mounts. Daytona 500 that place, or if you're more international in your car sporting, pretend that it's the F1 Bahrain grand prix.

z) Take over the Stockade building and liberate the Bastille! Seriously that building is amazing architecturally and if things get too hairy you can always run into the instance to regroup.

World Peace and Puppies,
Mario Kart style race. Everyone gets on mechano-hogs then races through a predetermined track, while bystanders take pop shots at them. Whoever makes it all the way through to the end wins. If you get knocked off or die, you're disqualified. You can also have hunters dropping traps along the way for added obstacles, as well as ring of frost from mages.

Could also have two people per mount. A driver and a navigator who is the only one that knows what the route was supposed to be, so they have to relay it to their friend. Then it would be like a rally race, just with deadly hazards.

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