lin kuei are quester killers

crappy lvl 5 alliance guild with 4 members are all killing questers repeatedly in kun li summit... pretty weak.
Just wait until tomorrow. By then, two of them will have transferred Horde.
lol yeah figured they were trying to make up for their lack of honor kills in tol barad but I can't even trash talk that cause I have 2 alliance 90's as well on this realm.
I won't lie - I'm kind of surprised Tol Barad is still a thing.
I am also, a guildie was spamming in guild chat for us to join last night and i didn't really see the point.
Also to the OP, that is considering griefing and could get them banned if you reported them.
I find the coincidence of this thread hilarious. Go QQ more scrub. You think 4 whole guys killing your little NPCs bad? Try and level an Alliance toon in Outlands.

you dont run to the forums crying whenever you get ganked (or your npc's do) and you do what i did, and go get your main and a few guildy's and you face hump them until they go running like the 12 year old boys they are?

nah... running to the forums works so much better.

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