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Wyrmrest Accord
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We are The Scarlet March. This proclamation is intended to explain the details of our existence, settle any disputes about our nature, and make our order transparent and accessible to the Alliance. At the very least, the intent of this is to provide the aware and the interested with knowledge about our order, so that they may not in ignorance greet us with undue aggression.

Queries may be addressed through correspondence with Captain General Ustrad Dallows, Highlord Claire Eldevane, High Inquisitor Alrick Eldston, Archbishop Radolphus Imbris, or Commander Tinracel Fairheart. Couriers run regular routes to the Scarlet March's current position.

The Holy Order of The Scarlet March

We are bearers of the Flame of the True Crusade. Our numbers have been sundered by the enemies of the Holy Light, but in spite of the adversity we have faced, the Divine has not left our side. We have kept vigil over the ruins of our great nation, and every member of our Order is prepared to die to see it restored. These are our origins.


The Scarlet March operates with three objectives of immense importance.

1) To cleanse Lordaeron and the surrounding lands of the taint brought upon it by the Plague of Undeath and the Undead Scourge, and maintained by the presence of the Forsaken and their allies. A Lordaeron rebuilt for humans and habitable by humans is the only acceptable outcome of the prolonged conflict in the Plaguelands.

2) To end the undead threat across all of Azeroth. The people of Lordaeron know more deeply than any other the terror wrought by the menace which overtook their land. Therefore, it is their sworn duty, and so the duty of the Scarlet March, to fell undead and eliminate their source wherever it lays root.

3) To spread the Word of the Light. The Scarlet Crusade was formed as a result of a specific and catastrophic turn of events. However, their cause goes deeper than overturning the results. The Scarlet March is not only an institution of war; it is also a host of those faithful to the Holy Light. Even when its blades may finally be sheathed, the order's will remain dedicated to preaching the Word of the Holy Light.

Relationship with the Alliance

The Scarlet Crusade became hostile to all outsiders soon after its formation. The Crusaders who remain alive across Tirisfal and the Plaguelands remain so to this day, due to the tutelage of their corrupted masters.

For a long time, the Scarlet March shared this policy of hostility and xenophobia. No longer. While crimes of the past are unforgivable, the Crusaders of the Scarlet March now fully understand that it is not race and affiliation that make the Living evil, but rather their actions. Even those lost to the faith may be redeemed with patience and open arms, and so every Crusader is expected to be peaceable to any living being who shows it deserves fair treatment.

To those of the Argent colors:

We both have lost much in the battles of the past. Blood spilt by Undead, families lost, towns razed. Yet the Crusade’s radical idealism made the people look away from them, and towards Tirion and the Argents as the saviors of humanity.
Against the Lich King, we are all victims. Do not forget this.
Your Crusade is not the only one who lost many. Our forefathers as well, lost to corruption of zeal and to darkness at the hands of the Undead menace.

They started a mission years ago; a mission to spread the faith of the blessed Light upon all those of Azeroth. It is our duty to fulfill this mission. We will -not- abandon the holy purpose that has been set upon us.

And lastly, to those of non-human descent:

The Scarlet Flame, our mission, is a human idea. It was created as a response to the fall of Lordaeron, the seat of humanity. Like the night elven Sentinels, the dwarven Mountain Guard, and the pandarian Shado-Pan, the March is an Order to celebrate and redeem mankind. If we are to survive in such a world as Azeroth, we must be able to hold our own without the aid of others.
The Scarlet Conquest

From The Lady Servitor Anaslain Val'Muraine, the brothers Brightgrasp, Caradroy and Imbris, the mantle of the March has fallen upon us now. We are bearers of the Flame of the True Crusade.

There are many who fled the oblivion brought by the Plague of Undeath, and by contrast, few who remained true to their homeland and faith. Those few shed the trappings of their past lives and became Scarlet Crusaders, intent on purifying the Kingdom of Terenas.

Crusaders fought from Pyrewood to Northdale and back again, rescuing the living and destroying the undead. In Tyr's Hand, High General Abbendis rejuvenated an entire city, a beacon of the Light in the midst of the foul Plaguelands. In Hearthglen, Highlord Fordring preserved and cultivated a piece of the old nation. From these holdings they erected outposts and watchtowers to secure their territories, staking significant claim in their rightful homeland.

Yet not all was perfect. The Crusade fought the unstoppable foe to a standstill, overcoming the odds stacked against it with inexorable purpose, but insidious forces somehow managed to penetrate its sacred echelons. The minds of honorable men were poisoned with thoughts of madness and treachery, their faith in the Holy Light overshadowed by the dark auspices of revenge and destruction. The agents of evil managed to exert control over a few key individuals who, through misuse of their elevated positions, lead whole hosts of righteous Crusaders from their duty.

The Lady Servitor, in command of an expedition to preach the word of the Light and eliminate undead on the foreign continent of Kalimdor, was exempted from these pressures. Upon her return, she called for the Crusaders to fight for the Light as the Highlord Mograine once vowed. Commanding them to shake off the shackles of malign influence, the Lady Servitor rallied whom she could and drove south to the first location of safety she could find.

A few followed from the citadels and the fortress-monastery in Tirisfal. Those who did pledged themselves to the Light, which would grant them salvation, and to the Lady Servitor, who would bring them victory in Lordaeron. They became the first Crusaders of the Scarlet March.

From the town of Southshore in the Hillsbrad Foothills, the Scarlet March began to strike against the Plaguelands and Forsaken holdings in Lordaeron. Converting stragglers intent on fleeing across Baradin Bay, and recruiting those coming north to face the undead alone, the Lady Servitor grew a force to rival the False Crusade. In doing so, she created various enemies, but none so substantial as the Scourge itself. From Northrend to Northdale, the March has not, and will not falter.

The fighting that overtook Southshore was a staggering loss. The Forsaken war machine struck without warning, reducing the settlement to a desecrated ruin rife with noxious fumes and standing pools of acid. Those Crusaders who remained fought to protect the populace, but were soon overwhelmed in the vicious assault. A few escaped with citizens of the town, finding safety on the hazy moors and in the high peaks of the Alterac Mountains. The remnants of the Scarlet March looked for a defensible hold to nurse their wounds.

Meanwhile, the False Crusade was all but decimated by the combined forces of the undead and their living sympathizers. Men and women of the Crusade, misguided but not corrupt, had long fought to maintain their presence in Lordaeron. Now, their twisted demagogues slain, fragmented groups of Crusaders were isolated across the Plaguelands. They survived in small numbers, parrying the meagre attacks of the Forsaken and depleted Scourge.

In happening upon these groups, the Scarlet March took the first step towards reunification after years of open hostility. With both parties so weak, and their fundamental goals so similar, there was no more practical choice than to ally with one another. Shown the mistakes of their tainted leaders, these Crusaders adopted the mantle of the Scarlet March as their own, pledging along with the rest to purge their homeland of the threat represented by the Risen and the Banshee Queen's abominations.

This small band of Crusaders now patrols the northern reaches of the continent, slaying the undead, protecting travelers, and cleansing the land of its taint. A number of the faithful have already heard of their deeds, from those they have rescued or aided, or from those who have observed them from afar. These Sons and Daughters of Man have sent word to the new Magister Generals seeking admittance into the order, or have come themselves to prove their piety. We have journeyed to the southern kingdoms in order to facilitate the initiation of these aspirants.

These new recruits have evinced such passionate zeal in completing the immense task set before them that it seems little wonder the Scarlet March has endured. The immense casualties inflicted on the Order have done nothing to founder the pride of its remaining Crusaders, and in finding their footing in the traditions of their predecessors, they continue to enact the will of Her Holiness the Lady Servitor.
I've seen several (seriously, too many) small Scarlet guilds coming and going and generally doing weird stuff. The March has got to be the most lore-competent bunch I know, around and steady for the longest, and I've seen no sign of them bending standards in favor of member numbers. They have the 'reclaimer' attitude (I think?), which means they're sane and tolerant enough to be tolerated themselves, and yet they're quietly racist, which is a big part of what makes Scarlets Scarlets. It's rare, because I've seen other guilds allow various members in order to boost their numbers. Also, many roleplayers are afraid of being 'unlikeable' by playing out real, human evils such as racism. Most are more comfortable being the abstract, Disney-villain evil.

I hope to see you guys flourish and establish RP events outside of the city, because many people are dying to get out of there. And of course, we'll play the part of the hostile neighbors who glare at each other from either side of a fence but never take action because lawyers cost a lot of money.

But don't you dare cross my fence.
Time will tell.

I haven't had much interaction with you folks, outside of seeing some of your ilk in/around the Cathedral. I can say that the few IC conversations that I have been privy to places you doing more to defend your choice to bear Scarlet colors than to actually take steps to reclaim Lordaeron to it's rightful stewardship. This may be due to the fact that you're receiving a lot of IC push-back; though you must have resigned yourself to deal with that the moment you step foot into Stormwind bearing the Scarlet standard.

Until and unless you begin (IC) pushing for the eradication of the Scourge by way of IC events/campaigns into Scourge-infected locations, then you are (in my opinion) forsaking the first and most important of your three self-described purposes above. Perhaps you are, and if so then bravo; and if not, then perhaps you will when you've reached sufficient strength to take the fight to the Scourge and the Forsaken. Until then Daern can not and will not see your organization as anything more than misguided, though well-meaning.

You seem to have a detailed plan, purpose and organization to which I applaud you and wish you the best, OOC. You don't seem to be behind any of the disturbances that occur with regularity in/around the Cathedral district, to which I also applaud you.

I wish you and yours the best and fervently hope that, when the time avails itself you do the one thing that the Scarlet Crusade was very, very good at:

Cut back on the lip service and take action.
Your blessing, however tentative, is greatly appreciated and honored, friend.

It is true; we have grown lax and dormant within the security of Stormwind's walls.

The cause?

A mixture of a lack of initiative on our end, and a lack of those willing to follow our cause.

That may even be our fault as well.

We came to Stormwind to spread our message to those that would listen, but for too long we have remained hidden within the alcoves of the hallowed Cathedral. Our force, cut down to size by inaction, decided to take a more political stance to win over enemies and keep from being crushed under the opposition.

But no longer. We have waited for redemption that will never come unless we take action.

We have not forsaken the first purpose of our holy mission; we have merely been unable to complete anything on a large scale.

Our proclamation today is to revive our stagnant Order and to tell others who fight for the North this:

You are not alone.

And to the monstrosities that plague our homes:

Repent. The March is coming, and with us your reckoning.
((OOC Translation and info incoming.

The Scarlet March is originally from Maelstrom. Sometime in BC many of its members went to Moon Guard and reformed there, the guild petered out a few times but was mostly very active and as far as I'm aware overall had a good reputation. The guild finally died sometime in wotlk/early cata. We rerolled/transferred to WRA last year. We are normally a very active, very lore-oriented guild.

We did all of our guild RP up north, had lots of events and gatherings and such, but we remained small. Both our guild leaders left due to IRL concerns and have not had the time or inclination to return to WoW, so we're under new management. Since then we've mostly just been derping around, with some occasional RP and making our presence known, but that's really it. We have recently decided to kick it back into high gear and take most of our RP back out of Stormwind, hopefully find new members and allies, and promote more out-of-stormwind RP.

As I said due to a shift in leadership and a serious drop in member morale, we just haven't been active lately. We've been loitering around Stormwind getting some RP in, but for the most part we just haven't been very serious lately. Hopefully that is about to change.))
Scarlets. }:<
Scarlets. }:<

Scarlets. }:<



^This guild?

^This guild?

Totally us. Seems legit.

^This guild?

Replace all the bandits with the Undead, and then maybe.
02/05/2013 06:59 PMPosted by Ustrad
Replace all the bandits with the Undead, and then maybe.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Di2eOr-kqs ?
Title was misleading. :(
02/05/2013 07:41 PMPosted by Sharkazun
Title was misleading. :(

I'm sorry. :(
02/05/2013 10:09 PMPosted by Ustrad
Title was misleading. :(

I'm sorry. :(

I regret nothing.
So you're an ineffective violent human organization? Because everything that people loved about the Scarlets(IC) the Argent Crusade did and did better. They killed the Lich King, broke the Scourge and took a little over a third of Loraederon back.

I don't see outright hatred for you guys, but confusion. You guys got beaten,

No I don't mean the Horde raiding your Monastery.
No I don't mean the Death Knight of Acherus ruining your last stand in Loraederon .
No I don't mean the Dreadlord taking over your leadership.

I mean the Argent Crusade did your job for you.

You want to purge all Undead on Azeroth. Argent Crusade is doing that.
You want to take back Loraederon . The Argent Crusade is purifying the Eastern Plaguelands, moving north and west from EPL.
You want to spread the word of the Holy Light. The Argent Crusade has members of every race. It would be hard to find a race in Azeroth that didn't know about the Light.

IC my human would look at you and tilt his head and simply ask "Why are you clinging so hard to failure?"

Edit: I mean to say, I don't think you've fleshed out your guild's story out well enough yet.

I mean the Argent Crusade did your job for you.

You want to purge all Undead on Azeroth. Argent Crusade is doing that.

What about the forsaken? What about the undead within their own ranks?

You want to take back Loraederon . The Argent Crusade is purifying the Eastern Plaguelands, moving north and west from EPL.

And providing the horde a legitimate claim to human territory when they can say "you owe us, Tirion." The AC has done a good job working themselves into a political corner. Sure they're cleansing the land, and the war that will erupt over just who gets that land will be fierce. This is, of course, from the perspective of our characters.

You want to spread the word of the Holy Light. The Argent Crusade has members of every race. It would be hard to find a race in Azeroth that didn't know about the Light.

Many of us are paladins and priests. It just comes with the territory.

IC my human would look at you and tilt his head and simply ask "Why are you clinging so hard to failure?"

And he is more than welcome and highly encouraged to approach us IC. We love us some RP.

Edit: I mean to say, I don't think you've fleshed out your guild's story out well enough yet.

This guild has been in existence since vanilla. In BC it was reformed on Moon Guard. Last year it was reformed here on WRA. The guild is in fact fully fleshed out with a long history spanning most of the World of Warcraft timeline. It's understandable people don't think we have a place in the new Azeroth. We beg to differ.

Before rolling your eyes and going "lol scarlets" come RP with us. We're planning events to get some RP going outside of Stormwind, and would love some ideas.
You know what, have fun. You want to be the Grand High Wizard Lord of Stormwind, knock yourself out.

We've done this song and dance before, thank you for the reminder of who you guys are.

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