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Is there any way to report an offensive name when you can't target the person? I was pet battling in the vale when an orc warrior charmingly named "[Removed]" charged me. In the moment, the only thing I was concerned about was getting away but once I was in the air I thought wow, was that really his name? My combat logs confirmed it, but he also flew away and I can't find any way of reporting his name without having him targeted. Thanks for any help you can provide!
If you can't target them then it does tend to defeat the purpose of the report system, you could try finding them again, though opening a ticket they would probably investigate it anyways so long as you explain you were unable to target them.
What I do is submit a ticket, making sure to state I could not report him by right clicking on the offending character.
There are a few options for reporting available to you but none are easy and all require a bit of work on your part.

You can create a level 1 Orc alt and make the run to Org. Most players end up in Org sooner or later. Add the player to your friends list and look for them in Org every now and then so you can use the right click report option. Additionally, by being in Org, you can see trade chat and if the person speaks in trade, you can report them. Also, you can try to send them a tell if they are online and if they respond, you can right click them in the chat window.

As has been mentioned, you can also open a ticket. This is the most immediate option available when you can't target or see the player in chat. You have to make sure you mention that it was not possible to use the in game reporting feature and you may have to respond to the ticket more than once if you get what appears to be a response that does not seem to answer your ticket completely. Stay patient. They will add the name to the review queue.

Which brings me to the review queue. I've read that according to Blizzard's policy, it takes an unknown number of reports on a particular name before it is reviewed for compliance with the naming policy. This is frustrating, I know, when you come across certain names but it is a necessary filter to keep them from being overrun by abusive players.

In order to help with this, you can try to enlist the aid of your guildmates and friends lists. You have to be careful, though. For example, asking friends and guildmates to report a name is ok but posting the name in a forum, including this one, can be grounds for action against you since it is considered calling a player out.

Lastly, I've used the in game suggestion tool to ask that they expand the reporting functionality. As noted above, you could ask for the ability to report from combat logs. That seems like an easy feature to add since it is part of the chat window and that is where the functionality already exists. Additionally, I have suggested they add the functionality to friends lists. That way if you create that alt or if they are part of your faction, you can just right click report them from the friends window. I've also asked that they add it to the auction house window but if the friends window were added, that would probably be enough in most circumstances.
Thanks everyone. :)

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