new RP'er here needing some help

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first and foremost... i want to thank all of you dedicated RP'ers. You made the mundane come to life fantastically. from the story lines to the transmogs, it never ceases to amaze me. KUDOS & BRAVO! dont ever think there are people who arent interested or involved even though they dont RP among you. it's not that they dont like it, but as i'm sure some would agree with me here, trying to think of character creation, back story and interaction with veteran RP'ers can be in all honesty rather intimidating. (like myself) HOWEVER! i am changing that on a personal front. so with all that said...

help! ive tried reading blogs bout lore, forums, help guides... but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to, whats a good word, "interact"? what i mean is i'm having difficulty in writing it out on screen. do you type fast? do you type slow? do you say something and wait? (most of the time there are long pauses between an emote, description or reply from what i have seen. either through the other people trying to express something or thinking about it.) hope that makes sense >.>

essentially, i can make a up characters with really good and sound back stories. its the acting it out and interacting with others that keeps tripping me up. maybe im being too uptight? LOL :P

and again, ive only RP'd like twice, with one of those times being last night. it went ok i just felt "noobish". i just wish there was something out there more "defined" as a how to.
How fast you type is based purely on your typing skill level. I RP with my boyfriend and I can type much faster than he can, while looking away from the keyboard, and talking to someone else in the room about something else entirely. That has little to do with RPing so you don't need to worry about it.

As for actual interaction, I think the general consensus and polite thing to do is post and then wait for a reply. Unless you're saying something that takes up a lot of space and you cannot fit the whole of it into one post, in that case you make a signifier that you aren't done at the end of what does fit. Something like (con) for continued.

So now you've said something and you're waiting for a reply. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't come fast. Like I said, some people type slowly, and others more quickly. Sometimes people have A LOT to say. Just wait a moment and it'll come. Maybe do your nails or read a book.

You'll feel weird at first. That is natural. Even veteran RPers felt a bit weird when they first started. Some veteran RPers still feel weird whenever they are starting a new character, I know I do. You won't shake off that weird noobish feeling by hanging back and not participating. Just throw yourself out there. You'll make friends out of those who appreciate your effort, and those who don't don't matter.
I am assuming you read the sticky at top of the forums...but I will link it anyway.

As for actually doing it, Niselle has some good suggestions. May I also point out that having good grammar and spelling is important. Also do not use chatspeak in your emotes. Use full sentences. If you do not know how to use emotes, its simply: (type /e) and hit enter, it shows your name and you complete the sentence.

If you see some people rping be courteous. Ask in whispers if you can join in. Do not be discouraged if you are asked to wait or to please find another rp to join. This just means they are doing a storyline and it would take them a long time to tell you what is going on so it makes sense to you. Observe and comment in whispers or use the brackets to indicate OOC and tell them if you liked what you saw and ask if you can join in. Think of it like a stage scene in a theatre, you cannot simply jump up on stage and join the actors and start your own dialogue.

Get the addons, MyRolePlay and maybe Tongues or some thing like TotalRP 2. but that last one is not currently supported. I know MRP (MyRolePlay) is current. It allows you to set up a description and a last name and titles, a background and a way to indicate to others using the add on saying you are a beginner rper and if you are in character (IC). It's very handy way to look for other rpers.
I recommend not taking RP too seriously. Not initially anyway. A lot of new RPers like to jump in with some intended grandiose epoch behind their character's they plan to play out in game, and get overwhelmed by the fact a good number of RPers are A: not that interested, and B: in most social exchanges, it's totally irrelevant.

Long pauses often occur due to someone taking a while to type, whether they're typing a LOT, or just slow, or both, you never really know. Would be nice to see some kind of ... over a player's head if they're typing. Hrm... might make for a good addition to an RP mod.

Another concern for many newbs is the content of their posts. I assure you, every RPer is different. Some will put out quicky one liners, maybe with an /emote to go with it. Some will necessitate long winded paragraphs detailing every. Single. Insignificant. Motion their character is going through before spouting off a one liner for you to respond to, and expect the same level of detail in your response. If you choose not to respond with multiple paragraphs detailing how your toe shifts from one pebble to the next because it was slightly uncomfortable, and they demean you for it, just /bow and move on. Don't seek to conform to anyone's expectations beyond good grammer and spelling unless you want to be a part of their experience. Basically, just adhere to the 101 of Role-play, and do it your way from there.

Note that "your way" could be entirely unacceptable by the populace. Think players role-playing Blood Elf catgirls, or tossing "Nyuuuuu~<3" at the end of every sentence, and how positive a reaction they'll receive from fellow Hordies. I pride myself on my tolerance (AKA, general lack of ever giving a ****) and even I want to string these (latter*) types up by their entrails. Alive.

Generally, if you have at least some respect for the lore and build around that, as it sounds like you do, you should be fine.

*For the former, catgirls, refer to my general lack of ever giving a ****. At least there's a chance they won't make reading whatever they submit painful to interact with.
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